The scooter is designed to increase the comfort of movement without harming the environment and nature.

Its quiet and smooth ride will help you enjoy the ride.

Two front wheels increase driving stability. While cornering, he can lean a little to the side for safe maneuvering.

I have invented an electrical circuit which helps to save electricity. Suppose there is a fan in a room operated by inverter supply and a water cooler outside the room connected with simple supply of electricity.

“ Electro Magnetic Wave capture and controlling device. ”

Most people would have heard of Nikola Tesla’s experiments in providing the world with wireless electrical power, unfortunately he did not show any practical way of achieving it.

He may have been inspired by the Crystal Radio,

I want to create a dream world... I want to make every person and race in the whole wide world equal and united by making all human equally good-looking and equally intelligent. For realizing that dream,

A modular system fluidity-based controlled expansion system that uses a gas to inflate an inner container quickly which then causes a fluid filled container to displace fluid causing expansion and deformation of the second container. A cable over the second container fixed at one end simulates tendon action.

Background of Problem:
Hy-Tech Plating employs 2 full size cargo vans & a medium size box truck to provide pick-up & delivery services to local customers. Increasing Bay Area traffic was adding to travel times, &

The ElliptiPod energy-return crutch combines the simplicity and economy of traditional axillary (underarm) crutches with the efficiency and ergonomics of more expensive and mechanically complex alternative designs to provide patients with a distinctively comfortable, stable and energy-conserving mobility aid.

The crutch has four primary components;

EMP suction rounds are designed as cylindrically shaped pods that utilize suction adhesion and electromagnetic energy pulse/wavelengths range "short." EMP suction rounds are primarily designed to suction lock to law-breaking criminalized vehicles rendering the vehicle unresponsive, halting further violations if pursuit by law enforcement is required.

The team ENENT believes that the efficiency of the existing systems could drastically be improved by inculcating innovative techniques into it. Following our vision, the team made an innovation power distribution device that saves 20%-25% of the electricity bills.

There are two ongoing revolutions in modern automotive industry. The first is the development of autonomous vehicles which is leading to greatly improved safety, traffic economy, environment and passenger comfort.

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