Life without a cell phone? Cannot imagine! They are so important that it's as if they are part of our body. But many times cell phone batteries gets discharged while doing some urgent work, call, doing business over a long time etc. Power bank is a solution but again it needs charging and carrying. We made a circuit by which a cell phone battery gets charged while we are working on the phone either by calling or similar work. A copper wire loop and germanium diode along with dc booster and lithium charging modules are used. When the cell phone is used to make a call that time strong cell phone signal radiation gets trapped in wire loop and ...

ViaTechMD has invented and developed the first and only device-based treatment for various conditions known to contribute to preterm birth (“PTB”).

PTB is a growing global healthcare crisis and is the leading cause of infant death and morbidity within the first months of life. Nearly 3,000 babies die EACH DAY as a consequence of PTB which is also recognized as one of the most significant contributing factors in several lifelong crippling diseases including autism, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, various respiratory ailments, and other cognitive and learning disabilities.

The latest publication from WHO (2018) reports that in 2014, approximately 10.6% of all live births globally were preterm. Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed ...

Patent Pending https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2019018832A2/ Electric Motors & Generators have fragments of the COST in electric-field materials from portion of CIRCLE ALWAYS providing 360-degree of FORCE from at least ONE rotor pole ALWAYS in the magnetic-field of stator's Circle-Arc, Pictures. Provides 360-degrees of Torque.

1. Prior Art of Electrical Machines with a full 360-degree array of rotating magnetic fields on a rotor electrically interact by rotating within a full 360-degree array of stationary magnetic fields fixed in the full circumference of a closed circle curve stator apparatus, wherein the improvement comprises;
One open circle-arc stator’s arc length is a portion of the circumference of a fully closed circle stator curve defined dimensionally as 360-degrees divided by the number of rotor poles ...

In a move from rural to urban we are posed to be maxed out with our current transportation infrastructure for mass transit. Here is where the extended range and class 3 ebike start to be adapted for mass transit. It is a lattice that is connecting the rural parks to the urban cities. The lattice consists of paved park bike paths that are parallel to mass transit but for bikes , runners, walkers, or hikers. These ebikes blend in between these 2 environments seamlessly.

The extended range model is an ebike that is capable of doing 20-30 miles range at 28mph. This gives the commuter a comfortable range to go to work, then charge at work and commute back. ...

Centrifuge Interface Transfer and Utilities
Spacecraft Tunnel
Leonard J. Holmin
United States of America

Allows shirtsleeves crew transfer and uninterrupted utility lines between a despun base block module and the center of a revolving human spaceflight habitat. Applications could include an improved swivel conduit, as for an industrial spray hose.

Figure One shows overhead view of tunnel structure and mechanism for an exploration vehicle application.

Video demonstrates with crude model the key principle of radial bending of the BELLOWS joints to allow revolutions parallel to habitat wheel having a planetary motion to produce centrifugal force via its orbit.

Rigid TUNNEL segment is hermetically mated between two modules, revolving and despun, via flexible BELLOWS joints (Figure One), made ...

In today's world, we use a massive amount of energy every day, nearly 25000 TWh per year. Additionally, a big percentage of this energy is supplied by nonrenewable energy sources, such as Oil (31%), Coal (28.6%) and Natural Gas (21.2%) in 2014. Furthermore, it is obvious that the consumption of nonrenewable energy sources is one of the major reasons for global warming causing oil spills, the abrupt increase in CO2 amount in the atmosphere, deforestation and etc. That's why energy supply is one of the major problems of today's world.

So we designed a keyboard and named it "Click Energy" that could be used as an alternative energy source by storing electricity generated from usage of its own. Placed ...

Design Statement and Working:

A hanger ring for hanging clothes to dry with air draft has been mounted on support a bar that connects a ceiling fan to the roof.

Ring has round shape with ‘plus sign’ shape support frame has larger diameter than ceiling fan maximum diameter at wings end tips for suitable clearance between wings end points and clothes to allow efficient movement of air draft for best dryness results in less time.

One of the rings (hanger) can be fixed to the support bar at one time and other rings can be connected to this main ring via connected links as per need.

Bulbs can be used to provide thermal energy in drying process and can ...

Mercedes Benz CLX - Conscious Luxury Concept

The main idea was to solve the issues that we will face in the future in the mega cities all around the world. We already see many concepts that try to approach some of these problems but design and life its not only to solve these issues, we require products that improve the life of the users and also the comfort and luxury. How i approach it, its not only based on materials or fashion criteria, for me the future of luxury in all products will be extremely related to how the product its done, the interaction with the user, the simplicity and efficiency, the foot print they leave behind, the origin ...

As manufacturing continues to expand and evolve, solutions to be smarter, more flexible, and increase productivity are required. CNC machine shop manufacturing facilities have a limited amount of floor space. With machining centers, materials, tooling, automation, finished product, chips/waste, inventory, inspection equipment, packing/shipping, material moving vehicles, personnel and others consuming the shop floor, solutions need to be explored. As automation, lights out operation is becoming necessary to keep up with demand and deliver the greatest return, making use of all available space is the next focus.

The concept is to elevate the automation, material stock, loading/unloading, finished part placement and delivery to inspection processes. Moving these to the space over and above the machinery. By applying technology, design the ...

Pump ambient air (which contains CO2) into a plastic tank, filled with sea water, through a gas distributor. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air will dissolve in the sea water. The surface of the sea water should be exposed to direct sunlight. Phytoplankton will be multiplied on the surface of the sea water by the natural process of photosynthesis, which utilizes CO2 and sunlight (as in the hot Benguela sea stream on the South African East Coast, which captures CO2 and produces phytoplankton for marine fish consumption). The plankton biomass produced by this process can then be harvested for renewable clean energy purposes and agricultural fertilizer, e.g. 1) Production of methane heating gas in a bio-digester tank to serve ...

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