The $165bn pa memory market is dominated by DRAM ($100bn) and NAND flash ($60bn). DRAM’s high speed (compared to Flash) at low cost (compared to SRAM) has made it the main memory in all computers and electronic devices. However,

CITS is an acronym from Crankcase Independent Two-Stroke. This patented technology retains the renown simplicity, low-maintenance, and superior weight and cost to power ratios of the two-stroke, and then eliminates their total-loss-lubrication and emissions burden.

What problem my design idea (called AirView) solves:

The design provides a method of saving lives by avoiding Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) in any size aircraft, plane or helicopters.

AirView also provides a Functional and Affordable solution for small &

In the present day scenario, many times we see that the garbage bins or dust bin placed at public places in the cities are overflowing due to increase in the waste every day.

A major portion of the demand on the electrical grid comes from the compressors and heat pumps that are used to provide air conditioning and refrigeration for industrial and commercial buildings.

A wearable keyboard controller for use while using a VR or other head mounted display. Much of the productivity of a computing device depends on the ability to access a keyboard and mouse. Gestures, Voice, and controller wands are adequate for gaming and the manipulation of existing content,

Maintaining the thermal comfort of human bodies in hot weather is one of the most basic needs for life and is generally achieved with external active devices, such as air conditioners and fans. The utilization of these electricity-powered devices usually costs a considerable amount of energy.

As we all know that because of the Coronavirus the world is in social isolation and this has disrupted life as we know it.

Elevators are a critical element of "last mile" transportation infrastructure in high population density environments whose carrying capacity is severely constrained by recent social distancing recommendations.

In support of Wireless Access Points and Wireless Networks I propose utilizing the T-Bar grid as zone antennae. A designed T-Bar element that is connected to the Access point to provide coverage.

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