This concept is 6,000 ft length x 60 ft diameter and 4 ft diameter of axle at center. 6,000 ft length divided to 80 or more terminals connect to the other by joining axles. The fly-wheels attach each side of axles from right to left .

This invention is designed to automatically play the traditional piano and play the music itself. This is done by electronic relays that move the piano, the keyboard, using electrical impulses. When the electronic relay is energized and the same key is pressed, this key illuminates.

The prosthesis in 2050 would mean surpassing ordinary human strength. The future belongs to the trans-human and the power of machine integrated human body The US already has plans to bring cyborgs to the military. The future looks very bright for prosthetics.

What is ISOPOD
A collapsible, movable, plug and play isolation room which arrives in a bag and doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. How amazing is that!
It can be dismantled , installed and ported anywhere and everywhere within minutes.

The aim of the project is to develop technology and create a production line for light transmitting thermal insulation material (LTTI), which can be used for houses, greenhouses, tent hangars and buildings.

High reliability for electronic systems/assemblies is critical for various industry sectors and their continued success. Electronic devices include Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as the key component for optimal operation/performance. Selection of the materials used in PCBs is critical to make the assemblies highly reliable and free from corrosion.

Studies have shown that elevator buttons can become 40 dirtier than public toilet seats.

The odors that come from using the toilet can be very disconcerting and often it permeates well beyond the bathroom. With multiple people using a bathroom the last thing one wants to do is enter after a big stink is made in such a small room.

Why "smart traffic light"? This is because the operation of existing traffic lights requires electricity, a separate control panel and a lot of technical equipment. You also need a permit to install regular traffic lights.

Due to these problems,

I propose a device regarding “cold therapy” for home and hospital applications. As far as I known, “cold therapy” is still based on traditional ice-packs. Ice-packs can be useful to reduce joint inflammation, improve muscle recovery and in many other circumstances.

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