Frame steered construction vehicles, Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT), Wheeled Loaders, are known to be unstable at elevated speeds presenting safety/productivity concerns. Literature on this issue deals only with measures such as control systems to reduce instability.

The cause of instability, rear wheel steer, is not addressed.

The principal innovative aspect of this design is that even though the bearing is full complement and cageless, there is no sliding contact between consecutive or touching/neighbouring spherical rolling elements inside of it.

Nor are the spherical rolling elements inside of the bearing being kept apart by a single,

This bearing design is meant to reduce, as much as possible, sliding contact between load bearing rolling elements inside an axial bearing. It's designed to do this by employing spherical rolling elements which are stacked in three intermeshed,

This tapered roller bearing design employs 3 stacked layers of tapered rollers such that any two consecutive tapered rollers with the same one layer of rollers are kept separated, a small distance apart, so that they cannot come into contact and rub against each other, causing friction and load.

According to the World Coal Association (https://www.worldcoal.org/), the energy and cost benefits associated with coal combustion plays a vital role in the robustness of the electric-power generation, steel, and cement industries. Coal combustion accounts for 37% of global electricity generation.

The main innovative aspect of this bearing design, where it departs from current art, is in that any two consecutive load bearing rollers in the bearing are kept from touching and rubbing against each other by an intermediary,

- Proposed ZtrawSafe product is a continuation from the current selling product ZpillSafe.
- Product was inspired from preemie son (few weeks old) who overcome the pneumonia virus and realized that there is a need to invent germ free products.
- A solution focused on the kitchenware industry.

Utilizing LED light strips powered from a stand alone battery pack or directly from a smart phone. UVC wavelengths in the range of 200nm to 222nm have been shown to be effective at kiling viruses and bacteria while remaining safe for human skin.

This product is a community sized unit that converts food waste to energy and compost. Each American produces 231lbs of food waste a year. Rather than this being a problem it can be a valuable commodity.

Food waste is a noxious material if dumped on landfill.

The proposed super-resolution multiplexed line scan microscopy system realizes photon reassignment (PRA) microscopy technique for imaging fluorophore-labeled specimens. Unlike existing PRA techniques with a restricted two-fold resolution enhancement, the present system surpasses diffraction Abbe limit by a factor m=〖(σ_D/σ_E)〗^2+1>

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