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Buzzy is a reusable pain relief system proven to reduce needle pain and needle phobia during injections. Buzzy uses vibration and cold to naturally block the sharp pain associated with shots. Buzzy buffers pain using physiology we take for granted. A normal nervous system conveys temperature,

Portable multi-function Tesla Technology assisted hot water heater, Stove and tent warmer system. This portable battery powered Tesla Switch automatic charging system converts water (2H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen burning flame. This system operates at high voltage and low current,

One of the most common automobile problems is thermostat failure. While the thermostat can be removed in an emergency, without the proper tools, especially the correct gasket, a roadside repair is impossible. With a side loaded cartridge thermostat,

Cell phones can be designed for use off the cellular grid. Phone cloud cellular phones act as Internet routers connected using an ad hoc and dynamic networking protocol. The Internet cloud for these phones exists in large part outside the wired Internet. Instead,

Given the continual improvement in gas appliance efficiencies, it is surprising that commonly available tea kettles have efficiencies as low as 40% when used on a gas range.

Chameleons would look like ordinary white shoes. They would come in different styles, from Air Force 1-like shoes to high-top skater-like shoes, and even women friendly fashions.

Electronic ink displays are not very expensive to manufacture, not that much more expensive than normal paper, yet the cost of devices containing them is quite high. That is because of the control circuitry that drives the display.

Over a quarter of all air travelers carry laptop computers
with them when they pass through airport or other screening checkpoints. The requirement to remove the laptop computer from the bag is a common complaint. Despite the inconvenience it poses to passengers,

The new concept is protective film or wrap that can be treated with deterrent chemicals to limit or eliminate destructive pet behavior. The new invention protects the surfaces in two ways. The first is to provide a physical barrier between the pet and surface.


Infant/child car seat with attached USB flash drive that retains valuable medical/contact information for the child in case of emergency.


In cases wherein a parent and/or caregiver have been incapacitated or killed in an automobile accident, a simple,

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