Sustainable Technologies

We introduce a “Power Generation Station” to supply energy for rechargeable batteries and products including mobile phones, IPADs, IPODs, laptops, window fans, lighting, signs, EGRESS lighting, portable refrigerators, seasonal decorations, and simultaneously charge batteries. Multiple units networked together offer increased capacity to re-distribute power where needed most.

Solar powered cars have been limited to lightweight, impractical, demonstration vehicles due to the low power attainable from solar power mounted on the vehicle. This proposal is intended to achieve high enough power to make a safe, practical solar powered electric car.

The design of conventional Otto-cycle engines (automotive and beyond) has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. There have been leaps in efficiency but with each advancement it has become harder to improve upon the platform. Instead of making small gains by tweaking the individual components,

I have invented an efficient way to capture energy from the sun using a hyperbolic chamber that draws air through its center by way of convection and differential pressure created by the sun and wind flow.

DeLagostti Technologies - Green Energy Systems - E2E Tech

E2E Tech = The Creation of electric energy in large amounts via the sole use of electric energy.

Eco Drive Coach is a smart teaching tool dedicated to improve your driving. This system is based on a MEMS accelerometer which senses the way you are driving
(nervously, softly, ...). The Eco Drive Coach is fully autonomous with absolutely no connection to the vehicle;

In NYC alone there are over 8 million people. On average a person applies 20 Newtons of Force that is absorbed into the pavement and wasted. Given an average of 5K steps, there are 8 trillion Newtons of force in NYC alone that can be converted into electricity daily!

The proposed design is a compact, minimal water (semi dry), self cleaning, cheap, robust and biodegradable toilet.

Sanitation in developing countries is affected by limited infrastructure, lack of technology and behavioral issues. Conventional offsite systems require reliable water supply and wastewater treatment both being scare in developing countries.

Cement is a major and important component in the building processes, but as we know the manufacturing process of it is associated with harmful effects to the evironment and to the workers in this field, so an environment-friendly replacement is a must. Electrical Cement introduces a new methodology.

Ever wondered what your car is up to when you are busy working in your plush offices?...Well, the answer is NOTHING!

With the rapid depletion of natural energy resources and increasing pressure on countries to curb their carbon emissions (Australia being the latest example where Govt.

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