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We introduce a “Power Generation Station” to supply energy for rechargeable batteries and products including mobile phones, IPADs, IPODs, laptops, window fans, lighting, signs, EGRESS lighting, portable refrigerators, seasonal decorations, and simultaneously charge batteries. Multiple units networked together offer increased capacity to re-distribute power where needed most. Removes parasitic energy devices from the grid while providing emergency back-up power for medical, safety, lighting, and digital applications during power outages. Without relying on an inverter to jump DC to AC then require adapters to reduce it back down from AC to DC losing power in both directions to simply power DC digital devices, we choose to feed a DC deep cell battery inside each room mounted under the window sill ...

Solar powered cars have been limited to lightweight, impractical, demonstration vehicles due to the low power attainable from solar power mounted on the vehicle. This proposal is intended to achieve high enough power to make a safe, practical solar powered electric car.

The solar panel is a deployable solar sail, as on satellites. It folds up when the car is traveling, but when parked the solar sail is deployed upwards to achieve a large surface area, much larger than the roof of the vehicle. Deploying the solar panel also provides a more favorable angle to the sunlight. The sail is extended primarily in an upward direction to avoid interference with surrounding vehicles and structures, and to allow it ...

The design of conventional Otto-cycle engines (automotive and beyond) has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. There have been leaps in efficiency but with each advancement it has become harder to improve upon the platform. Instead of making small gains by tweaking the individual components, it is time to change the conventional engine at its core. The Doyle Rotary Engine could be the new platform that is needed. When designing the DRE, the goal was to make the conventional engine more efficient, less complex, lighter and easier to manufacture, while not inventing and adding untested and unproven components to the mix.

The Doyle Cycle: The engine contains two banks of cylinders revolving around a stationary crankshaft. Via ports ...

I have invented an efficient way to capture energy from the sun using a hyperbolic chamber that draws air through its center by way of convection and differential pressure created by the sun and wind flow. The second part of my invention is a unique DC generator that has very low AC losses.

The sun heats the top inner surface of the hyperbolic tower causing the air to rise, drawing air from the bottom through the center of the tower. Air flowing through the center of the tower speeds up according Bernoulli's Theorem, which states that an increase in the speed of moving air or a flowing fluid is accompanied by a decrease in the air or fluid's pressure. ...

DeLagostti Technologies - Green Energy Systems - E2E Tech

E2E Tech = The Creation of electric energy in large amounts via the sole use of electric energy. Currently we are offering net 10 MW commercial power stations to as much as net 40 MW commercial power stations for one underground building. However if the land is there, one can build as many buildings as you need for the local power grid needs! So., this means net 40 times, say for example .... 5 buildings = 200 MWs etc.

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Eco Drive Coach is a smart teaching tool dedicated to improve your driving. This system is based on a MEMS accelerometer which senses the way you are driving
(nervously, softly, ...). The Eco Drive Coach is fully autonomous with absolutely no connection to the vehicle; smart calibration and data-acquisition processes allow it to get accurate data. A global ecological score is calculated based on your driving attitude and gives you an objective measurement of your driving eco-attitude.

As the Eco Drive Coach will be following you day after day, it will help you to better learn the basic eco-driving attitude and apply it in the long term. This will help you directly by a fuel cost reduction and the ...

In NYC alone there are over 8 million people. On average a person applies 20 Newtons of Force that is absorbed into the pavement and wasted. Given an average of 5K steps, there are 8 trillion Newtons of force in NYC alone that can be converted into electricity daily!

This generator creates electricity by the proven method of magnetic induction. It also has a back up solar component that sustains the change in magnetic flux when no pressure is available.

All parts are insulated from weather and the magnetic field is arranged and shielded so that no pedestrians are exposed. Currently several designs are being analyzed to find the most cost effective design. The design I have featured, is ...

The proposed design is a compact, minimal water (semi dry), self cleaning, cheap, robust and biodegradable toilet.

Sanitation in developing countries is affected by limited infrastructure, lack of technology and behavioral issues. Conventional offsite systems require reliable water supply and wastewater treatment both being scare in developing countries. On site systems need to avoid ground water contamination, keep away flies/odor and overcome difficulties in construction in hilly areas. Several organizations currently provide sanitation solutions for community needs, but they are mostly offsite systems. This design is a hybrid system that provides waste management at the source and reuses water. The system can be used as an efficient conventional onsite system too. It provides self cleaning, reducing water consumption. Does ...

Cement is a major and important component in the building processes, but as we know the manufacturing process of it is associated with harmful effects to the evironment and to the workers in this field, so an environment-friendly replacement is a must. Electrical Cement introduces a new methodology. The concept behind it is very simple. It replaces the chemical cohesion force between bricks, provided by cement, by an electrical attraction force to hold the bricks together.

The concept relies upon a well known physical effect called the "Johnson-Rahbeck effect" discovered in 1920. The effect is simply a large force of attraction between a metalic surface and a semiconductor when an electric potential (about 200 volt) is applied across them. ...

Ever wondered what your car is up to when you are busy working in your plush offices?...Well, the answer is NOTHING!

With the rapid depletion of natural energy resources and increasing pressure on countries to curb their carbon emissions (Australia being the latest example where Govt. is planning to introduce Carbon Taxes), it is time that we as individuals take the fight in our own hands and give our future generations a safer planet.

My main idea is to use Open Parking spaces and the hundreds of cars parked there every day, as a medium to generate substantial solar energy. This will not only help reduce the carbon footprint but also at the same time ensure sufficient energy generation ...

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