Sustainable Technologies

A group of specially desinged batteries, a robotic arm and new sensor networks are joined to on-site wind generation or other renewable energy generation method that will allow grain elevators in small communities to create affordable, reliable power available to their central city business locations.

Seabreath is a device for producing energy from wave motion that improves the performance of the OWC (Oscillating Water Column).

This floating system can also be adapted to fixed installations like jetties or attached to other floating structures. Its particularity than other wave energy converters,

Energy Generating Autonomous Sailing Craft (EGASC), unlike other wind energy conversion technologies requiring high stress resisting materials, generates pneumatic air/oxygen compression and electricity by the fast kinetic movement of the planing sailing craft with much higher components reliability.

Scientists throughout the world are looking for alternate and renewable energy sources due to the rapid decline in fossil fuel deposits. Global warming due to CO2 emmissions from burning hydrocarbons has alarmed some industrialized nations to impose new regulations and taxes to control CO2 production.

A new method to obtain electrical energy is proposed. It is based on the use of the energy of an oscillating pendulum. As its movement is slowed by the friction with air, the innovation is the presence of a "drag-compensation system" that acquires energy from wind,

The Energy/Power system is an Axial Flux Generator, which is driven by a DC Brushless Motor, intermittently pulsed and running at high rpm's. The rotors are spun as a flywheel by the motor and are embedded with neodymium magnets that pass over copper windings,

The Trekr Design Erosion Control Mat © is made from discarded tires. The tires are cut in half along their circumference as one cuts a bagel in half. These are then joined in groups of seven by the use of stainless steel staples or hog-rings.

In the future, whole fields of solar systems will become increasingly important for electrical power generation. The question is where best to build such solar systems. Ideally, where there is plenty of sunlight. In development and test are solar plants in deserts. There are two challenges, however.

In most geothermal reservoirs, i.e. North German Basin, fluid flow is mainly controlled by the permeability of fracture network. Permeability of an individual fracture is proportional to the cube of its aperture, and fractures that form their own pathways are mostly vertical. In this study, dip-slip fault,

We all know that in today’s time everyone is struggling for fuel, and governments of every country is giving instruction to save fuel. To save fuel I am displaying a design of A C generator which will run without fuel.

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