Sustainable Technologies

They are known the generators “Perendev” and "Minato" which develop energy with the force of repulsion of magnets. A problem of these generators is the bulky control system.

The guiding principle that gave rise to GaiaSoil is the conversion of the waste stream into the growth and development of nature in cities.

GaiaSoil and the New Urban Ecology of Wastes-into-Resources is born from every garbage can, every refuse truck,

GEDAYC is a new concept of wind turbines with blades and Comets 50% more efficient than propeller models. Thanks to its design and the wide range of wind that generates energy from weak to very strong winds.

The idea is to create a logistics company that manages the design,

The mechanistic recuperation of gravitational force and the transformation of that force into electrical current is based on a simplistic corollary to Newton’s third law; that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of the Micro-Efficient Electro-mechanical multiplied-system self-sustaining reaction,

Climate change, global warming, oil spills and nuclear disasters are just some of the bad effects that our planet is experiencing due to the use of energy derived from fossil fuels. The need for a safe, clean, efficient,

Environmental impacts associated with the production and consumption of energy include global climate change, acid rain, hazardous air pollution, smog, radioactive waste, and habitat destruction. The nation’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels – primarily imported petroleum – poses major concerns for energy security. Therefore,

This invention is the delivery of Green Energy as a Service (GES) which generates a positive cash flow for electric utilities while lowering the costs of electricity for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

My third idea from Salamander Research And Development is for a novel log-splitting wedge. Most log-splitting devices/machines have a single wedge, while some do have another wedge mounted at 90 degrees from the other wedge.

Some lucky people live in private homes, which gives them the option to install solar panels and wind turbines in their gardens and rooftops. But what about the majority of the people on the planet that reside in apartment buildings and don’t own their own roof or backyard?

United States Patent, Dahlen. Patent No.: 7,965,007 B2
Date of Patent: Jun. 21, 2011

My design solves the ever-increasing demand on our National Electrical Power Grid Network & Advances Electric Vehicle Viability.

The benefits include; Reducing Green House Emissions,

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