Sustainable Technologies

My idea is restructuring liquid crystals to have controllable photovoltaic properties. This can cause desirable effects, and could also make photovoltaics much more practical for household use. The panels are designed to exhibit photovoltaic properties when a small voltage is applied from a separate power source, darkening the glass,

A new concept in the use of integrated Aeolian energy–even for light winds under the speed of 2.5 m/s,-with the assistance of a turbine that has double synchronized rotors with multiple folding palettes of the new type, with auto-regulating in wind and self protection on wind gust (flurry),

Water drips from standard Air Conditioner (A/C) units because of condensation, but what if the water was to be collected using an automatic device?

My idea looks at recovering waste condensed water from A/C units that run for several months over the year.

This gas turbine engine design offers an ingenious solution to the pending energy crisis. It offers an alternative energy solution that emits no greenhouse gas, while balancing the greenhouse effect itself, as the by-product of this engine is very cold air.

Wind energy harvesting technology has established its market due to the excellent advantages it possesses. At the same time, severe limitations of this technology has emerged. This is a step forward from the combustion based energy generation techniques used before;

Energy conservation is a key issue faced by all the countries these days. It has been estimated that 20 to 50 % of the energy consumed is due to lighting. When vehicles stop for signals the kinetic energy gets wasted as heat.

Of a city’s total electricity consumption, more than 25% of the power is just consumed by the very basic need for air conditioning – to keep the temperature inside offices, homes, malls, shopping complexes, hypermarkets, cinema halls, factory complexes – at an ambient temperature for comfortable working,

The scarcity of water in many countries is very clear and some wars actually started for water. The most water-poor areas in the world have long hours of sunshine and good solar energy resource.

HOT parking lots, pavement and cars are very uncomfortable; and as this heat is reabsorbed, it radiates into warming the surroundings even more. Actually, there are very many parking lots, especially in the southern states, where heat is augmented because of this pavement radiation.

The invention can be used in designing complete autonomous power installations for stationary applications(up to 5MW) and for mobile applications (up to 1MW).

According to the proposed principle and methods for performing self-sustained power installations (fig.1), the working fluid (water,water-based fluids, bio-hydraulic oils, etc.

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