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My idea is restructuring liquid crystals to have controllable photovoltaic properties. This can cause desirable effects, and could also make photovoltaics much more practical for household use. The panels are designed to exhibit photovoltaic properties when a small voltage is applied from a separate power source, darkening the glass, while also causing the structure to exhibit photovoltaics. When the voltage is removed, the panel resumes transparency. I wish this to be variable. The device functions as a window, shade, and electrical panel at once. Tint would not be necessary on the panels, as the panels can be adjusted for other wavelengths of light. The panels would automate shading, while also generating electricity. They would not need to be installed ...

A new concept in the use of integrated Aeolian energy–even for light winds under the speed of 2.5 m/s,-with the assistance of a turbine that has double synchronized rotors with multiple folding palettes of the new type, with auto-regulating in wind and self protection on wind gust (flurry), for the eolian turbines with horizontal ax and also vertical. Thinking a turbine with double rotors provided with semi-rigid pallets made of natural fiber material or recycled, utilizing more ingenious solution with increasing the dynamic effect due to the adaptability to the force and in the direction of the wind through the control and the continuous modification on the entire length of the continuously variable profile with has hig torque of ...

Water drips from standard Air Conditioner (A/C) units because of condensation, but what if the water was to be collected using an automatic device?

My idea looks at recovering waste condensed water from A/C units that run for several months over the year. In order to do so a device fills a tank with water automatically.

The preliminary tests with a home made A/C water recovery system showed that, an average of 27 liters (7 gallons) of water were produced by a standard home A/C in 1 day. If the A/C runs for 10 months in a year, the waste water may reach about 8000 liters (2,114 gallons).

The tests also showed that the amount of water produced in ...

This gas turbine engine design offers an ingenious solution to the pending energy crisis. It offers an alternative energy solution that emits no greenhouse gas, while balancing the greenhouse effect itself, as the by-product of this engine is very cold air.

The concept is a gas turbine engine that is fueled by air. The system produces energy by allowing the ambient surrounding to do work on it, as oppose to the contrary, as in conventional gas turbine engines. Hence the idealised thermodynamic cycle of the concept is the mirror of the conventional Gas Turbine Cycle (figure 1).

The first phase of the design is the analysis of the concept thermodynamic cycle (derivative of figure 1).
1. ...

Wind energy harvesting technology has established its market due to the excellent advantages it possesses. At the same time, severe limitations of this technology has emerged. This is a step forward from the combustion based energy generation techniques used before; in a way that the ill-effects of green house gases were realized much later in time. The intermittency of power generation is the largest pitfall of current wind energy source. Therefore, an integrated system that can harvest more than one energy source, while operational, is proposed.

Along with wind, rain and snow are also highly energetic resources, if harvested right. A long pendulum like structure will gather large swing distances during high winds. It will naturally continue swinging even ...

Energy conservation is a key issue faced by all the countries these days. It has been estimated that 20 to 50 % of the energy consumed is due to lighting. When vehicles stop for signals the kinetic energy gets wasted as heat. We can trap some part of this energy and utilize it for lighting streets as wells as signal lights. Piezo electric crystals convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. However the voltage generated using piezo electric crystals is proportional to the applied force which in turn is a function of time.

In this work we place the piezo electric crystals at the traffic line as shown in figure 1 marked by black boxes. Whenever a vehicle crosses the ...

Of a city’s total electricity consumption, more than 25% of the power is just consumed by the very basic need for air conditioning – to keep the temperature inside offices, homes, malls, shopping complexes, hypermarkets, cinema halls, factory complexes – at an ambient temperature for comfortable working, living and leisure.

MY INVENTION makes it possible to generate a self-perpetuating source of electrical power from an everyday appliance – the AIR CONDITIONER – a power-guzzler found in almost every household and every office and factory, in 80% of the parts of the world – and turn it into a POWER GENERATOR.

An air conditioner has 2 main components :

a) An electric fan motor revolving at a very high speed, ...

The scarcity of water in many countries is very clear and some wars actually started for water. The most water-poor areas in the world have long hours of sunshine and good solar energy resource. A good example is the MENA area (Medial East and North Africa) which have desert map and most cities are very near to the sea beaches where the humidity is very high.

If we campaign the foregoing information in our mind we will get two sources and one need, we have sun and humidity, and we need water to live.

Aqua-Solar cells may be one of the smart solutions. The idea behind is dehumidification of air using solar energy and Poltier effect. In the picture ...

HOT parking lots, pavement and cars are very uncomfortable; and as this heat is reabsorbed, it radiates into warming the surroundings even more. Actually, there are very many parking lots, especially in the southern states, where heat is augmented because of this pavement radiation. Providing shade to these parking lots would make these unattractive spaces more humane.

Shaded areas would permit a considerably more comfortable use of these parking lots, plus it would mean:
1. Less HEAT would be RELEASED into the environment.
2. Less USE OF FUEL in air conditioning HOT cars.
3. Provide an ideal place to locate SOLAR PANELS, the energy collected and stored could be then used to illuminate the parking lots at night.

The invention can be used in designing complete autonomous power installations for stationary applications(up to 5MW) and for mobile applications (up to 1MW).

According to the proposed principle and methods for performing self-sustained power installations (fig.1), the working fluid (water,water-based fluids, bio-hydraulic oils, etc.) is delivered from a liquid reservoir (14) by a liquid feed pump station with overflow hydraulic valve under low pressure through a filter ,and through flow control hydraulic valves assembly into working chambers (fig.2) of the pressure amplifier block (30) provided with various applicators which are forming various energy fields. High pressure (up to 700bar, function of the working fluid) is created in the working chambers of the pressure amplifier block by passing strong and ...

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