Clean Coal Wastewater Treatment

Clean coal wastewater treatment is a unique concept that (1) mitigates the harmful atmospheric emissions associated with coal combustion and (2) eliminates the pollution of waterways caused by wastewater treatment plant effluent discharges. In addition to its pollution control features, the technology yields pipeline-quality natural gas and algae-based products, such as animal feed, fertilizer and biofuel feedstock.

Clean coal wastewater treatment begins with the “hydromethanation” process. The inputs for the hydromethanation process are a carbon source (such as coal or biomass) and water. The process converts the carbon source into pipeline-quality natural gas (methane) and carbon dioxide in equal proportions. The hydromethanation process results in the systematic removal of both heavy metals and gaseous pollutants ...

The PDT is a Hybrid of Steam, Gas Jet turbine, and Reciprocating technologies. The name Positive Displacement Turbine suggests a contradiction in terms; however, we need to make use of a paradigm shift in thinking of what constitutes a turbine. The PDT generates a cyclonic subroutine of rotating gasses perpendicular to the central shaft. An osculating-crescent-piston, which redirects the burning gas flow up and back creating a cyclonic vortex within a positive displacement expansion chamber developing torque to the center shaft. The feature promotes low to mid range operation with unusually high torque and extreme economy because of complete oxidation of all components of its fuel. PDT hybrids renders the greatest yield from the Exothermal flame front force that ...

Electronics technology is the basis of most products we manufacture and use today. Yet very few people understand the basics of electronic circuitry. It is essential that electronics technology be taught early in our schools to ensure that the next generation can understand how to use, maintain, build, and engineer, the products of today, and the future.

The ClearCirKits Electronics Construction Set was designed to enable teaching electronics to students of all ages from elementary through college level as well as industrial training and home environments, without exposing them to dangerous electrical components and difficult to handle parts and equipment.

ClearCirKits is a electronic building block set consisting of clear acrylic cubes each with an integral lens on the ...

There are over 2 million wheelchair users in the United States, the vast majority of whom use manual wheelchairs. While development of manual chairs in areas such as weight and comfort have continued, development for convenience and utility have languished.

Consideration for how an individual carries all of the things that able bodied people take for granted: cell phones, computers, cameras, keys, and wallets/purses, has been confined to 'accessory' products. Many wheelchair users choose to carry less or are forced to use awkward, or even dangerous, solutions such as backpacks to carry their items. Backpacks require strenuous and uncomfortable twist and reach movements in order to access its contents. They can also move the center of gravity of the ...

This new aircraft design will deploy state-of-the-art technology present in the latest subsonic passenger aircraft today.

The ‘closed wing’ or ‘ring wing ’design and the most of the other structures will utilize exotic metals and carbon composite materials for lightness and strength and is designed to provide added lift with an aerofoil design for optimum lift characteristics and minimal forms of drag and provide a low stall speed . The stagger of the upper wing ensures that there is no interference with the lift provided by the lower wing. The absence of wing tips prevent formation of vortex drag which can trail behind the aircraft for several miles. The lower main wing will house the landing gear and the ...

Without talking about green house gas, GHG, and its environmental effects, all people around the world know that perfectly. The natural resource of oxygen is unfortunately disappearing so fast from our world in order to feed our industrial activities.

The idea is that at high temperature the carbon dioxide starts to dissociate into carbon monoxide and oxygen and at this moment, partially ionized gas will appear, which we can call  weak plasma. The carbon dioxide under this situation, and according to reaction kinematics, conserves to be in chemical equilibrium with carbon monoxide, oxygen and also its ions which appears strongly in the chain reaction. The electromagnetic field will make us able to control these ions and hence we can ...

This invention channels wave energy through float weights, cables, hydraulics and a generator into electricity for public use.

{Diagram 1}
Float weights* move up and down on the surface of water with each wave. The up and down motion of the float weights are transmitted into linear cable motion. This motion is further redirected though pumps into pressure surges within a closed hydraulic system.

*These float weights large diameter plastic ellipsoids filled with water. They are slightly buoyant.

{Diagram 2}
A hydraulic pressure storage mechanism regulates the pressure surges into a more constant pressure surge elevation for delivery through the turbine.

Most mechanical or failure prone parts are on land. Only weights, cables, cable housing, and sea based supports ...

In all aeroplanes there are no cameras being installed inside the cabin. My idea is by providing the surveillance cameras inside the cabin and in the cockpit, the pilot and also the air traffic control team can monitor and survey the movement of the passengers inside the aircraft.

The camera sends the video image signals through satellite GPRS system to the air traffic contol team at the airport. Any suspicion of the passenger inside the aircraft, the ATC team sends the signal to pilot and also to crew members on the flight to be alert and help in nabbing the person before he does any sort of hijacking of the plane or illegal transport of drugs to other countries.


The conceptual project:
A device for electronic replacement of coins in shops.

1. Work principles:
- completely electronics;
- electro-mechanical.

2. Data exchange:
-InfraRed port;

3. Delivery calculation in shop to 4-th sign.

4. The indicator of the rest of money.

5. The digital keyboard and buttons to "send and "receive."

- Replaces many coins and in a purse;
- That does not depend on cellular communication;
- Record of the additional information (medical, a drivers license, etc.) is possible;
- reduces the number of small coins in shops.

?perating conditions in ...

About the Design:
The base design concept incorporates a collapsible or folding structure that when collapsed or folded carries a very small footprint for storage and transport and when unfolded provides ample room for four adults secure short term accommodations. The collapsible shelter system is simple, lightweight and portable. Weight was a primary design and development concern so the smallest offering comes in at under 200 lbs utilizing a (patent pending) lightweight composite panel system making assembly quick requiring no more than two people to complete in less than 30 minutes.

First and foremost the collapsible shelter systems primary design function is in separating and elevating the living space from the ground providing a safer, cleaner and drier ...

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