The name of my invention is the Carrier Pro, and pertains to the games of Golf, Tennis, and Baseball.

Presently, when far away from their caddies, golfers carry their golf balls in their pockets; tennis players carry the tennis balls on their sleeves or pockets, and in baseball, the umpire, who throws the balls to the pitcher, carries the baseballs in a sack on the side of his pants. In these games, it is imperative to have access to the balls as quickly as possible in order to continue the game and the excitement thereof without interruptions such as having to look for the balls when they go over a fence, into a pond, or out of the court.


As we know natural energy resources are limited in this world. Everyone is thinking of non-conventional energy resources. A single non-conventional energy resource can not fulfill the whole need of this vast world. We have to produce or convert energies where we get even a little chance.

Presented ‘Cart Energy Converter’ is intended to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy, produced by drawing animal carts. ‘Cart Energy Converter’ consists of a magnet. With the help of this magnet the ‘Cart Energy Converter’ is attached to the rim of the wheel of the cart. Due to the motion of cart hence of wheel a load provided inside the ‘Cart Energy Converter’ starts moving. This movement of load produces electrical energy due ...

A strategic telecommunications device(s) situational management command chair, tactical management overview advantage, and authoritative hot seat position combination for advantageous command, control, power and influence; accordingly, novel Catbird Seat renderings envelop military and consumer marketing and commercialization global strategies for this remarkable first information superhighway delivery threshold with multiple telecommunications device portals. Marketing for military and consumer needs, requests, requirements and wants include lofty business, educational and multimedia entertainment purposes.

A refined space saver innovation, illustrations depicts an elevated overview advantage position for mental and physical stimulation with therapeutic comfort for sitting, supporting, viewing, controlling, and commanding a telecommunications multi-device combination within 5 feet radius with arms extended. Apparatus strengths express essential features which succinctly captivate your senses ...

CCUBA (rebreathers) use oxygen cells to monitor the gas content that the diver breathes. This process is critical to the primary function of the life support system, and is also the weakest link in that control system. Oxygen cells behave in a similar way to electrical batteries in that they have a finite lifespan which is dependent upon use. The reaction of oxygen on the cell creates an electrical output that has a predicted voltage which is dependent on the materials used. In theory they should give that voltage from the day they are made until they are exhausted, but this is often not the case.

Failures in cells can be life threatening for technical divers and in particular, ...

M2M Cellular Modem Installations- Which Carrier has the best coverage?

Solution: Cell Tower Tester -The Squid

Growth in the M2M market has been driven by lower cost cellular modems that are multi-band and have become relatively straightforward to integrate into everything from Electric Vehicle Chargers, ATM’s, Kiosks, smart meters, and used in numerous other remote monitoring applications. Several estimates have noted over 1.5 Billion M2M connections within the next ten years. Hundreds of thousands of M2M cellular modems will need to be installed over the next few years and installation cannot be left to a contractors best guess for a location. Costs are certainly important, but signal coverage, antenna placement and data thru-put are also important factors to consider ...

Centrifugal Separator Media.
This Device can be used on a vast scale for:
The separation and purification gases, liquids, powders;
Extraction of SO from exhausts of power-plants for prevention acid rains;
Extraction of toxic gases from chemical plant exhausts;
For separation from air O for medicine and metallurgy, N for medicine and aerosols, CO for beverage industry;
For refinery petroleum or removal it from water spills. It could be installed on commissioned submarines for reaching sank petroleum;
Desalting seawater;
Design for refinery petroleum on vast and mobile unit for small scale production;

For designing environmentally sound cool down equipment operative in wide range temperatures.
For refinery petroleum.

As for Freon coolers, they cause environmental ...

“Is 150 Year Old Technology the Best Design for the Next 100 years of High Speed Rail (HSR)?”

For over 150 years, one structural rail technology has been used to transport both (1) bulk items such as coal, grains, chemicals, and containerized cargo; and (2) people. Today, this technology is asked to propel people over 150 mph and use the same “rectangle support structure.” The conventional structure uses only a narrow, 4’ 8 ½” railroad gauge and locates the vehicle’s Center of Gravity (CG) in-between its narrow wheel base. This very restrictive “box design” produces the traditional, narrow, 9’– 9½’ cabin.

Technology - Respectfully, FasTran leaders believe there is better technology to transport passengers at speeds from ...

Silicon, being one of the most abundant elements in the universe, is also the best future energy material. Silicon metal, i.e., burns in Oxygen and Nitrogen generating big heat, decomposes water generating Hydrogen, can dehydrate Methanol to generate DME, a powerful gas that can replace LNG. Silicon is efficient in power cells and also as a compound has thermoelectric characteristics. On top of all that it is clean.

Raw materials for obtaining Silicon metal are varied. They go from naturally occurring Iron silicides in placers and hard rock, diatomite resources, organic sources such as Rice Husk ashes, industrial flue dust, etc.

Current Silicon metal is costly to produce and generates high volumes of CO2. Its high cost comes from ...

Chemo-Electro-Deposition Mining is a collection of technologies that exploits the acidic properties of Acid Mine Drainage to get electrical energy by means of ionic exchange. In principle it uses zero valent iron that is dissolved in AMD and displaces toxic metals such as Cadmium or Copper in AMD solution. These displaced metals are deposited on the cathode, made from an inert conductive metal such has a nickel alloy. This process results in a low voltage current across an anode (sacrificial zero valent iron) and a cathode. The benefits are more than just electricity, since the process also neutralizes and detoxifies the AMD, in doing so allows for the following additional benefits:

1. Recovery of high dollar value metals
2. ...

According to StopitNow a web-portal focussed on the prevention of child abuse (http://www.stopitnow.org) it is estimated that 29% of women and 14% of men were sexually abused as a child. Furthermore, just in 2006, 78,000 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in the United States. Many of these abuses are linked with children using social networks, online chats or the internet in general. Bearing this in mind, our suggestion is to provide software that can cover most used and emerging technologies that sexual offenders may use as means to find and contact their victims.

Our product aims to provide a better, innovative and more complete approach to protect children from interacting with sexual offenders than the conventional software ...

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