In order to survive in the coming years, mankind has to change its behavior regarding the use of water challenging the scarcity of resources. This new generation device in water conservation mimics the iconic LED in lighting.

Today in school and colleges we get books, for example an English subject text book for 5th grade students with more than 5 to 8 chapter lessons to learn.

Watching the waist line size and body weight is the main responsibility of every weight watcher. "Measure your tummy" belt and "Measure your weight" shoes allows you keep a watch on them easily without any additional effort.

"Measure your tummy" belt is any regular belt to outside world.

WhalePower is in the process of developing a range of new, more efficient fans for computer cooling. Our corporation holds the patent to develop new fans, turbines, pumps and compressors improved by a unique blade shape, enhanced by bumps on the leading edges of the rotor blades called "tubercles.

This wheelchair is inspired by racing cars and skate boards and designed for children. As an alternative to traditional wheelchair, Velomaxx is powered by arms. Therefore, every child, even kids with a disability who can’t use his/her legs, can enjoy a sportive yet comfortable ride.

This Wheelchair Drive-Assistance Device is designed to eliminate the complex arm motions at awkward wrist angles required to propel a manual wheelchair by its occupant, motion that can greatly contributes to rotator cuff tears and median nerve damage, which can possibly lead to carpal tunnel syndrome,

The “While You Wear It…Wrinkle-Away”© is a small hand held device that allows you to remove wrinkles from clothing while you are wearing them. Fabrics that wrinkle easily mainly do so because moisture lowers their glass transition temperature,

The "White Glove Seeing Eye Phone": Use multiple proximity (ultra-sound and optical) sensors and high end imaging processing, to detect traffic, lights, obstacles, people, and gestures, so that a Visually Impaired (VI) person can get around safely. GPS features to allow the VI to navigate,

In the last decade organic crops are gaining momentum in international markets due to increased public awareness about the harmful effects that common pesticides have on the human body and the environment.


Coronary artery disease, the restriction of blood flow to the heart, is the leading cause of death in the United States. The chances of suffering a myocardial infarction are great and increase up to fifteen times after the first occurrence. During a heart attack,

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