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This invention teaches that utilizing a rotating spherical or a rotating wheel permanent magnet means disposed in the centre of a coil-wire form disposed with focus magnets generates electrical power;

In designing the future I was interested in making several tasks easier by automation and technology. The first is fashion. With a multi-billion dollar fashion industry Nail Polish is a major consumer product.

Automatic gear change for bicycle. Rotation sensor (magnetic or optical, counts teeth) on chain ring. Optimum pedal speed = 90 r.p.m. tired/fresh, athlete/slob, makes no difference. Gear changes to keep pedal speed optimum. Rear (and front maybe) mech has actuator (motor and screw on parallelogram) and position sensor.

A little pot with a condenser that works with the energy of a solar panel, on the day the batteries are recharged, and at night the fan starts, which cools the condenser causing the water to be deposited in an internal canal with small holes,

Intro. Ground breaking AWP Ergonomic Pen intended to eliminate the cramping and discomfort associated with traditional cylindrical pen forms.

Highlight benefit. No other pen on the market addresses the ergonomic deficiencies associated with traditional writing pens like the AWP ergo pen does.

Finger stress reduced.

Joe Tackett is the inventor and U.S. Patent holder of the Battle Stations concept and has been developing it since 2007.

Production is expected to begin in July, 2012.

Battle Stations is an Aerobics-based, computer automated, Martial Arts training device.

Please see the illustrations before proceeding.

If you have explored Rogaine then you're very aware of two very important aspects associated with its use. The first aspect is that it really causes hair to regrow (at least for most men), and the second aspect is that it is relatively expensive.

Better Sleep With A Blanket Retainer

Modern bead stead furniture most often does not incorporate a footboard. Whereas this makes bed making a bit easier, it does have the disadvantage of letting the blankets work their way off the bottom of the bed as the sleeper changes positions.

Big FootTM is a totally new vacuum cleaner nozzle in concept and appearance. It attaches with the standard one and one-quarter inch tapered fitting. It is designed specifically to clean non-porous floors, such as wood, linoleum, concrete, paver bricks, etc.

Introduces a new era of designer fixtures, where designer has a more productive meaning, where value is measured in performance of task and that translates to social and economic benefits not always exhibited by design for artistic reason.

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