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A simple apparatus has been built which can be used to detect direct emanations from the visible planets, sun, and moon. The apparatus is shown in Figure 1, mounted on a six-inch reflecting telescope. It is simply a five inch diameter, six foot long stove pipe with an automotive funnel at the end. The funnel, available at Sears automotive stores, has a flexible metal tube. A clock drive keeps the device focused on the object of interest. The detecting substance is a small amount of water in a glass bottle attached to the end of the flexible tube.

When the apparatus is pointed at the sun, moon, or visible planets, sometimes there is a noticeable change in ...

Problem design idea solves…
Existing distance measuring wheels are only available in a variety of fixed wheel sizes. Small wheel size devices are normally for indoor use, on somewhat smooth ground, or to measure relatively shorter distances. Medium and large wheel size devices are often used outdoors, over rough terrain, or for much longer distances. Ideally it would be best to buy and own only one where the wheel can be changed to a larger or smaller size as the need arises for the job at hand.

Improvements over what is currently available in the marketplace…
1. Unit comes with different wheel sizes which are easily removed and changed
2. Readout display via smartphone or tablet (e.g.: iPhone, iPad, ...

The absolute lack, of oxygen in R2000 homes was the seed, which led to the development of the Dynamic Wall. Tyvek, was also introduced around the same time, allowing the Dynamic Wall to work.

SBPO, spun bonded polyolephin, or Tyvek, would have to seal the entire house; top to bottom. It began, at the bottom sill plate and continued to the top sill plate and all around the roof. Then all, seals through this fabric had to be sealed with a special sealant. This required, specialized companies, which knew how to seal all areas around the fabric. Joints, have to be caulked to eliminate all holes. The edges needed to be taped off, electrical plugs and data plugs had ...


It is an electronic roller heat iron that helps speedy & safe ironing of cloth. It saves energy, reduces contact surface between cloth & heat roll thereby cloth quality. As it works an electronic heat system with instant heating & thermo control it consumes less than 500 watts of electricity. Above all the roller iron can be changed. Its speed & pressure depend on the type of cloth from heavy denim jeans cloth to light terene, muslin cloth.

E Roll Iron is a safe and excellent substitute for the electric coil iron.

E Roll iron is an electric appliance based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which provides convenient, cool, energy-saving and hassle ...

In some of these spy movie and action movies you see "the mark" get their keys picked, imprinted and cut (duplicated) by the master spy or even ultimate criminal. The "echo my key" aims to make this extremely difficult to do to near impossible.

The premise of the key is to design defects into the key that can be identified using NDT (non destructive testing) methods such as ultrasonic detection. As illustrated in the attached images, the various defects integrated into the key mean that cutting the key would not give you a duplicate key for it will not be identical internally.

As the unique key is inserted into the lock, ultrasonic transducers would probe and record feedback of ...

A very effective way to save large amount of electricity is shown by this proposal!

Houses have rooms that day and night must be illuminated. Thus, the hours are lighted lamp low power (40-60 Watts)! It's on for years, significant power consumption.

My idea is that based on the mobile phone charger, where an LED lamp installed of maximum power 1 Watt. It is capable of day and night lighting with very low energy consumption.

When the battery charger supply with a small battery, then the lights continue to flash when there is a power failure in the grid!

Very easy to use, engaging in the outlet in the room.
Photos is an example of execution that ...


EDU-Book an instrument created to serve the student for the purposes of basic and extended learning in Mathematics, Languages and Critical Thinking. Other subjects may be included at the users and teachers' options. The device is not a game oriented. EDU-Book makes use of Adobe pdf files with optional audio prompts and excerpts. The system is interactive and completely education oriented. The device is WiFi compatible and operates from a new battery, which is permanent for the life of the device. The EDU-Book utilizes a rear-projection super VGA display with updatability choices in processing power, display memory and speed to support CAD and other highly graphic applications that are oriented towards CAD. A special rechargeable keyboard, that ...

This invention is about a Vibrational and Motional Energy Absorbers which are embedded in the concrete to increase the resistance of this concrete structures to tremor damage.

These Energy Absorbers or as I call it, “EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS”, are sealed spherical steel containers, one inch in diameter and ¾ filled with silica sand. During an earthquake, these silica sand inside these embedded EARTHQUAKE ABASORBERS converts the vibrational and motional energy into heat, significantly increasing the tremor damage resistance of the concrete structures by up to 15%.

This 15% increase in resistance is very significant and could potentially mean the difference between saving countless lives or massive loss of lives. This 15% increase means that a building capable of withstanding a 7.5 ...

Ergonomics with eStand-1

eStand 1 reduces stress by giving you the flexibility to adjust laptop/desktop screen height to your eye level. Keyboard/mouse height will also be adjusted to the correct level so that an ergonomically comfortable posture can be maintained. Ergonomically correct posture reduces the stress to your whole body.

Key Features

* eStand gives correct place to keep your laptop, keyboard and mouse.
* Laptop (screen) surface may be adjusted from 36’’ to 54’’.
* Keyboard and mouse surface may be adjusted from 24’’ to 42’’.
* Made of high strength steel and powder coated.
* Base plate of the workstation is made of heavy steel and highly stable.
* eStand helps to maintain correct posture while working ...


To bring refrigeration and air conditioning by using heat pipes alone in domestic refrigeration and air conditioning systems instead of using heat pipes in combination with evaporator and condenser coils and compressor.


Heat pipes are in common use in many applications as it is the most effective way to transfer heat from one region to other region. It requires a cooling medium, heat pipe material, wick material and a blower. Heat pipes are being employed in space applications.


The material for the heat pipe should be selected by considering the temperature limits of the system. Copper can be used for domestic applications because of its high thermal conductivity. The wick material ...

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