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A simple apparatus has been built which can be used to detect direct emanations from the visible planets, sun, and moon. The apparatus is shown in Figure 1, mounted on a six-inch reflecting telescope. It is simply a five inch diameter,

Problem design idea solves…
Existing distance measuring wheels are only available in a variety of fixed wheel sizes. Small wheel size devices are normally for indoor use, on somewhat smooth ground, or to measure relatively shorter distances. Medium and large wheel size devices are often used outdoors,

The absolute lack, of oxygen in R2000 homes was the seed, which led to the development of the Dynamic Wall. Tyvek, was also introduced around the same time, allowing the Dynamic Wall to work.

SBPO, spun bonded polyolephin, or Tyvek, would have to seal the entire house;


It is an electronic roller heat iron that helps speedy & safe ironing of cloth. It saves energy, reduces contact surface between cloth & heat roll thereby cloth quality. As it works an electronic heat system with instant heating &

In some of these spy movie and action movies you see "the mark" get their keys picked, imprinted and cut (duplicated) by the master spy or even ultimate criminal. The "echo my key" aims to make this extremely difficult to do to near impossible.

A very effective way to save large amount of electricity is shown by this proposal!

Houses have rooms that day and night must be illuminated. Thus, the hours are lighted lamp low power (40-60 Watts)! It's on for years, significant power consumption.


EDU-Book an instrument created to serve the student for the purposes of basic and extended learning in Mathematics, Languages and Critical Thinking. Other subjects may be included at the users and teachers' options. The device is not a game oriented.

This invention is about a Vibrational and Motional Energy Absorbers which are embedded in the concrete to increase the resistance of this concrete structures to tremor damage.

These Energy Absorbers or as I call it, “EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS”, are sealed spherical steel containers,

Ergonomics with eStand-1

eStand 1 reduces stress by giving you the flexibility to adjust laptop/desktop screen height to your eye level. Keyboard/mouse height will also be adjusted to the correct level so that an ergonomically comfortable posture can be maintained.


To bring refrigeration and air conditioning by using heat pipes alone in domestic refrigeration and air conditioning systems instead of using heat pipes in combination with evaporator and condenser coils and compressor.

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