Sustainable Technologies

The present invention's primary-embodiment is a sand-anchored, double-layered flexible fiber-reinforced plastic-barrier which can be used to sequester liquids released from chemical, nuclear or sewage processing-plants, and to capture oil and gases that might be released from underwater-oil-drilling-platforms, as a consequence of hurricanes, earthquakes, oil drilling pipe fractures and from chemical or nuclear-power-plant accidents. The fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-sheets are held together by parallel, thermoplastically-embedded crystalline-alloy-seam-anchoring-cables, which are thermally-bonded, during manufacture, between the parallel-fiber-reinforced double-sheets at 3-to-8-foot intervals, using computer-actuated-hydraulically-opposed heated-anvils, with the ends of each alloy-cable robotically crimped into “anchor-loops”. The toxic or radioactive liquid contained behind or within the double-layered, fiber-reinforced, expansible-plastic-barrier, is isolated from the adjacent uncontaminated water of a nearby lake or river or from the ocean, until ...

This work presents the experimental investigation of improved inclined solar still. Many researchers going for various configurations in-order to improve the efficiency and also for augmentation of fresh water from the solar still. An experimental investigation was carried out to see the performance of a improved inclined semicircular trough solar still. A semicircular absorber is placed inside the trough and water is continuously fed into it. To increase the time of contact of the water baffles at a distance of 0.01m were placed. Experimentation's were carried out in the hot and humid climatic conditions of Chennai with a constant flow rate of 0.133 kg/min. Results shows that the hot water collected is about 65 degree Celsius in the hot ...


Key Words
2-Stroke internal combustion Engine, Neodymium permanent magnet, Superconducting levitation, Electromagnetic engine.

Research and/or Engineering Questions/Objective

The internal combustion engine has been the foundation for the successful development of many commercial technologies. It uses conventional fuel such as diesel or petrol as a source of energy. Present paper addresses an idea of Friction-less Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine. The work is an extension of conventional two stroke internal combustion engine to get rid of the use of conservative fossil fuels and to overcome frictional losses associated with piston cylinder assembly.


Electromagnetic engine is designed with the combination of an electromagnet and a Neodymium (permanent magnet) mounted on square piston head. A Niobium superconductor tracks are ...

Damage from the ozone hole:

When human skin is exposed to a great deal of UV damage can happen in the nuclei of cells
Foreign epidermis of the skin center DNA
• occurrence of premature aging and poisoning the blood and nervous exhaustion :::
• weakness of the immune system in the body and not Mquaomaonchar tumors ::
• Lack of agricultural crops ::
• the effect of ultraviolet radiation on Fisheries ::
• injury to livestock, diseases

A way to bridge the ozone hole:

Cultivate a lot of plants in greenhouses to expose them to the sunlight job by us to take oxygen and Nabih the pipeline oxygen and then we divide them into three thirds and then ...

Despite all this clamor among the environmentalists about the real and imaginary flip-sides of using fossil fuels and the need to shift to alternate sources of energy, the world remains heavily reliant on the three main types of fossil fuels, i.e. coal, oil and natural gas. Natural Gas is the cleanest and most efficient form of hydrocarbon. It can be easily used to substitute the other two forms and lower the possible damages to the environment. But the question remains: Is there enough of natural gas to fulfill our need?

Yes, there is. Natural Gas Hydrates are the largest and most widely spaced accumulations of hydrocarbons in the world. Methane Gas Hydrates comprise of a single CH4 molecule enclosed ...

Natural gas liquid (NGL) Recovery from Packaged Compressors

The disparity between the price of natural gas liquid (NGL) and natural gas has heightened the importance to recover NGL from oil and gas production equipment. Concurrently, new oil discoveries, such as the Bakken and Utica oil fields, produce rich natural gas associated with oil production. Consequently, oil and gas production companies are considering new approaches to NGL recovery.

Aspen Engineering Services has developed technology to economically recover NGL from natural gas, without additives, while preventing equipment freeze-up caused by ice and hydrate formation. Concurrently, compressed, lean natural gas is produced that is suitable for pipeline transport, gas-lift wellhead operation, internal combustion fuel, or further NGL recovery. A ...

My invention is simple; I just haven't had the money to see if it works. It is called a fluid dynamic generator. It uses the simple refrigeration cycle except a condenser and evaporator are replaced with two cold plates, one hot and one cold. The compressor is a 12-24 volt danfoss 40 watt. About 20 - 40 peltier or thermoelectric elements are sandwiched between the two cold plates. After start up and plates are cold and hot, switch over to thermo elements to run the compressor. The compressor only uses the same amount of power to pump those gasses and fluids, so if I have 20-40 elements at 90 watts each, only a few are needed to keep the compressor running; ...

Theme of my Design – Reduce water wastage and pollution by the concept of vacu flush in mail express trains

Two major problems in modern toilets in mail express trains.
1. In recent times, some mail express trains do not have modernized toilets and these toilets increases pollution as the excreta (latrine) falls on the tracks of the railways.
2. Some toilets have modern facilities like the excreta get stored in special tanks. In this process, there is a lot of water wastage.

My design tries to solve these two problems –
1. Reduce water wastage.
2. Reduce pollution

Main working Principle – My design works on the principle of Vacu Flush [A concept of ...


For over 34 years I have proposed the following "free lunch" solution to Global Warming without requiring any increase in US taxes or change in lifestyles. This solution also solves two other structural problems that have appeared in the 21st century.

My proposed solution treats all of the above issues without any increase in US taxes.

A more suitable use for the Defense sequestration, , and more specifically for the un-needed F-35 aircraft, whose projected cost is now expected to exceed $1 trillion, which will be fully paid for, and will ultimately reduce deficits and pay off the National Debt is presented following:

In order to recover from our ...

The increasing demand for electricity and limited supply of fuel calls for the need of alternative sources of energy. Through this project, we display a method to light up the street lights and suburbs close to highways by extracting the impulse energy on the speed bumps by the automobiles.

This mechanism converts the impulse energy produced by the passing of the vehicle over a speed bump into the linear motion of the rack, attached to the speed breaker, which drives a pinion mounted on shaft with the help of one way bearing. The shaft rotates only in the locking direction of the bearing, which in turn rotates the pulley mounted on it. The restoring springs push back ...

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