Sustainable Technologies

The CalypSol trimaran is a high-tech solar powered eco-friendly boat built to promote the use of renewable sources of energy and advocate a clean environment. On June 11, 2014, the CalypSol crew reached Baton Rouge, LA , thus completing 1’450 miles from Chicago, IL to successfully become the first solar powered canoe voyage down the Mississippi. The voyage took Raymond Christe and Jean-Claude Barras.Torrential rains forced the determined navigators to weather out the storms ashore in Helena, AR. This gave them a chance to talk with the very hospitable and friendly local folk and to be interviewed on the Radio Show of legendary Sonny Payne [KFFA AM 1360]. They resumed their trip on Saturday May 31 braving the turbulent ...

This design departs from the inspiration of Ancient Andean technologies that for the last 5,000 years created not less than 60% of the food world eat now. They were based in natural forces and effects, product of milennia observation.

This design uses Capillarity (poorly understood still today) whith its components of adhesion, absorption, cohesion, gravity, surface tension etc. Also the siphon effect, play a big part on it. Capillarity has been demonstrated in Space Lab that one can create an environment where there is not up or down. Molecular forces in the same material (water) or water with a "friendly" conduct i.e. Cotton fiber; will not defy gravity, in essence, but they will carry a "gregativen" energy that is ...

Project Concept

This design is used to make more energy efficient housing, or homes that are able to feed more natural energy into their personal energy grids than through the use of the public grid.

Basic Explanation

The energy is derived from a few separate sets of grids. A rain barrel type collection system is located at the top of a gardener’s roof. The system feeds water into a tubular slide-like device where it filters on its way into a ground level collection device used to create irrigation water with an overflow feeding into the greywater system. As the water falls from the initial capture device, it spins a set of small turbines that are able to generate a ...

Black or dark colored in the winter and white, silver, or light colored in the summer, Color Shifting Energy Conservation Houses optimally absorb sunlight in winter and reflect it in the summer dependent upon the seasonal angle of the sun and intelligent use of color shifting paint.

Most houses never move or change their orientation towards the sun while they exist. By planning on the change of the angle of the sun from winter to summer, color shifting paint can be used wisely and profitably by carefully aligning it with the angle of the sun.

The sun generally has a lower angle in the sky during the winter, than in the summer. The sun, if it were ...

Kyoto Juhkan Expressway (Kyoto) with porous asphalt (void ratio: 20%) was constructed using new concepts (Kyoto Specifications) in March 1989 in Japan. It has been kept maintenance free (no damage) for sixteen years in all sections (12.6 km). Fig. 1 shows the distribution of three dimensional cracks in Kyoto, together with conventional pavement. Fig. 2 shows the tensile strain for conventional new pavement with three layers at high temperature under moving load after one ...

Electricity need is increasing in our daily life. Nowadays scarcity of
electricity has increased. The sources of producing electricity from renewable
means is the latest trend in our society. The generation of Electrical energy from
Heat energy is discussed.

Heliostat is a technology to use the renewable energy resources from
which heat energy can be produced. A heliostat is a device that includes a
mirror, usually a plane mirror, which turns so as to keep reflecting sunlight
toward a predetermined target, compensating for the sun's apparent motions in
the sky. Most heliostats are used for day lighting or for the production of
concentrated, usually to generate electricity. Large installations such as solar-
thermal power stations include fields ...

Use of ocean currents to generate electricity is technically the best new form of power generation. Unlike wind and solar power, ocean currents can produce power 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There is also a tremendous ocean current capacity available. The Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida could produce 400,000 megawatts of power if fully utilized. This is 10 times the power currently being generated in the entire state of Florida.

Ocean current power is also the most environmentally friendly of all existing power generating methods. Like dams and wind power, there are no pollutants or heat generated. However ocean power has the additional advantage of not requiring large tracts of land like dams and ...

The idea is that by means of renewable energy (solar wind power) cold deep sea water is pumped up to a thermo isolated storage holder at an increased height so that it provides a natural means of building pressure in the pipe lines.

The water is routed from this container to two spiral columns in an enclosed green house. The first spiral is meant to condensate the humidity present in the green house as the green house is completely closed to get the temperature and therefore humidity (amount of water vapor per cubic meter) to maximize efficiency. The water is then routed to the second spiral where by means of small spray devices under the pressure from the storage ...

Harvesting solar energy using optical frequency rectennas is a potential low-cost solution for high efficiency photovoltaics. Unlike conventional semiconductor solar cells, in which the solar energy efficiency is fundamentally limited to approximately 30%, an optical rectenna is not constrained by that limitation; therefore conversion efficiency greater than 85% would be possible.

An optical rectenna operates the same way as a well-known radio antenna at lower frequencies. Rectification based on electron tunneling between closely positioned metal electrodes is the only way to transform optical radiation of petahertz frequency directly into electrical power. However, to date, no one has developed feasible rectification for 500THz. It can be explained mostly by the fact that existing planar metal-insulator-metal (MIM) tunnel diode (MIMTD) cannot ...

The Problem
There is a large unmet need to displace diesel power as a solution for remote communities and industries. Diesel fuel is expensive to deliver to these locations, and diesel generators, though inexpensive to install, are expensive to operate and maintain. As a result, remote customers typically pay $0.25-$1.00/kWh USD for electricity.

The Product
Altaeros Energies is developing a Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT), which leverages proven aerospace technology to lift a wind turbine into stronger, more consistent winds beyond the reach of conventional tower-based turbines. The BAT uses a tethered, helium-inflatable shell adapted from military aerostats, to lift a 3-blade, horizontal axis wind turbine. The BAT generates 2-3 times the electricity of competing turbines and is rapidly deployable. ...

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