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Major utilities see Renewable Energy (RE) power sources such as small-scale wind and solar installations as a threat because the produced energy is not controlled.

Retail RE from solar panels (and other sources such as wind micro-turbines) is "dumped" on the grid in response to natural forces through relatively simplistic, non-inter-operating net metering infrastructure. These uncontrolled sources present operational risk and cause a loss of control over generating capacity and distribution. Current technologies avoid this problem by disconnecting RE sources from the grid when grid power is lost. The system is fragmented - by design.

The proposed commercial off-the-shelf RE Regulator electronic assembly is installed within a customer’s RE generation system. The RE Regulators gate the release of ...

Dynamo High-Tech Highways:

The main aim of this "Dynamo High-tech highways" is to generate the power through high speed air flow striking the turbine of the generator placed on the dividers of the highways, where the high speed air flow is caused by fast moving vehicles passing through.

The basic law involved in this is "law of conservation of energy" which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but one form of energy is converted to another from.

Energy flow representation:

Fuels (petrol or diesel) > engine (chemical to mechanical energy) > vehicle movement (by moving the atmosphere air in front) > surrounding air (flows with high speed) > turbines > generator > battery > low power consuming ...

1. Economic wood stove - Single stove method
2. Economic wood stove - Single stove method with water boiler (steamer)
3. Economic wood stove - working procedure of a stove with three uses    
4. Economic wood stove - working procedure of a stove with five uses
1. model designed using metal (iron) sheets
2. model designed using construction materials

Keeping in mind the current situation of our country where there is great crisis for fuel, electricity, etc., we have designed these four models of economical wood stove. It can be used anywhere by all sorts of people and also in hostels, hotels, coffee ...

Organic garbage decomposes, smells and needs to be collected often, transported, land filled or incinerated. Cities are looking for low cost green waste disposal! Urban wastes is an unsolved global problem costing huge money & pollution!

Concept & Idea:
Why not grow plants directly from organic wastes without waiting for months for compost? Ecopots garbage garden is a lazy man’s green solution! Grow vegetables in home using your organic wastes as fertilizer.

Technology & Use: The invention is a bio-active two chambered pot (plant & waste) with a middle partition having root holes. In plant part dump soil & seed/ plant. In waste part, just dump your waste & cover with 1-2 inches of soil- takes ...

Most homes have only one thermostat, so they operate like a house with only one light switch. Everything is either on or off. That leaves some rooms boiling hot while others are freezing cold. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s inefficient. ecovent fixes that problem.

We’ve built a system of wireless vents and sensors that makes any forced air heating and cooling system smarter by directing conditioned air where it’s needed most. ecovent is easy to install, saves energy, and is ready to make millions of homes much more comfortable.

The system consists of three main components: intelligent wireless vents, advanced sensors, and a mobile app that gives homeowners complete control over their comfort. The sensor suite monitors the real-time climate ...

Efficient energy extraction from tides, estuaries, rivers, and other shallow water movement has not yet been feasible. Also, a system for this application should be fish friendly. The machine planned uses a 4 blade horizontal turbine impeller which has the flow entering from the side at any radial direction, exiting from the other side of the rotor in the same general direction.

As the water encounters the blade it carries the blade with it with a maximum arc of 180 degrees. The other sector of the horizontal blades automatically fold along a split line located radially along the spine of each blade, such that drag is minimal. At any given moment, half the blades are unfolded and are slowly ...

USA EPA and other countries’ environmental authorities are requiring a greater reduction of the total contaminants including dust, ash, NOx and SOx levels for all non-natural gas applications such as diesel, furnace, boiler and turbine emissions. It is also challenging the diesel truck fleets and especially the maritime fleets to improve fuel emissions and mileage.

M-Fuel is a post refinery fuel technology that processes hydrocarbon-based, heavy oils (kerosene, diesel and bunker) in propriety, patented device that employs an electro-mechanical means to generate an H2O emulsion in sub-micron fuel particles. Emulsions are dispersion's of two or more immiscible liquids. The described conditioned hydrocarbon-based fuel exhibits improved performance, handling and storage characteristics.

M-Fuel is the only alternative for users of diesel ...

Energy From Space Systems aka, Space Solar Power refers to the concept of a space system that collects solar power via photovoltaic & mirrors then transmits it to ground collection stations using visible or microwave radiation. Most important to me & US is to back the US Dollar with the Future of Energy & Economy. Building the Space Solar Power Transmission Systems with >200+ Smaller Satellites with morphing mirrors can produce over 25 -50 Terawatts and power most of the entire World for many decades & centuries. In addition we can beam down the power via lasers and create efficient, affordable desalination salt water to places worldwide.

We can also start to control/tame weather by overlapping beams/rays and ...

Speed breakers are used to slow down the vehicles when they approach a crossing or an area which emphasises pedestrian safety. On seeing a speed bump, driver driving vehicle at high speed applies friction brakes to decelerate. As the vehicle rolls over the speed bump, the suspension of the vehicle compresses. This includes compression and extension of spring and damper. Since some of the kinetic energy is converted to potential energy of spring and heat energy of the damper, it leads to further reduction of speed. Many vehicles pass over the speed bumps ranging in weight, number of axles and speed. The potential energy lost in form of potential energy from springs and heat energy through dampers is a ...

for evaluating a breakthrough innovation from the view point of the environment. Sometimes an innovation would be declared a breakthrough from a business angle. But later in the product life cycle, it may reveal its wrong impact on the environment, after the corporation invests money and effort. The ENV model helps in identifying the green drawbacks at an early stage of the product development life cycle.

The ENV model makes use of probing questions, selected for domains. E.g., what is the effect on the environment if the product is used by everyone on Earth? Past (prior art), present and future directions are subjected to the same questions. Three levels of evaluation are utilized in ENV. Viz. Red for damaging ...

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