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For many years, the International Space Station has been hosting astronauts in space. Scientists were always wondering how human physiology changes in a microgravity environment, thus the Space Station has its own exercise equipment called ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device).

Papaya is an appliance that helps with the cleanup process at home, consisting of a station that contains spheres. These spheres work by sensors and technological devices that clean the house with a controlled way, efficient , automated, and interactive (with virtual games),

Use of photochromatic windshield on vehicles eliminating the need of sun visors.
(1) Protecting the driver's eyes from sharp, direct sunlight which may be a distraction while driving.
(2) Preventing the need for the driver to take his hand off the steering wheel to open the sun visor.

Cleaning is the most time-consuming work everywhere -- home, offices, etc. So,my attention is regarding the development of a self-cleaning products industry in India. This concept comes from a scratch related to Lotus effect which has super- hydrophobic property.

My personal goal is to be able to use a quad-copter from my vehicle, i.e. to survey a crowded parking lot and locate an available parking space. So I want a convenient and secure way to transport, launch, control,

Impressive Putty is the easiest, safest, and most affordable mold making material in the world. Take almost any shape, made from clay, or printed on a 3-D printer. Press the Putty mold making materials over it, and you are ready to duplicate your part into plastic, concrete, soap,

From an accessory to a depressing and impersonal clinical tool, the walking cane had unfortunately taken a turn into an emblem for the old and challenged. Essentially Reflex seeks to redefine that for the elderly and more.

Emphasising on the notion of dynamic walking,

Of 40 million blind people in the world, only 10% can read and write braille.
One of the primary reason for this is because braille hasn't yet found its footing in the digital era, due to the sheer cost of such devices,

Changing from a centralized to distributed power network has many advantages, including reduced transmission losses, reduced operational costs, and reduced vulnerability. Unfortunately, having a functioning power plant in every home is not particularly attractive. In order to create a distributed power network, the conversion method must be maintenance free,

It is an attempt to solve a genuine problem of the poor women of the underdeveloped countries. Poor women cannot afford the costly napkins. As the poor women cannot afford the existing napkins they generally pass this period by inserting some waste cloth in the undergarment.

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