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For many years, the International Space Station has been hosting astronauts in space. Scientists were always wondering how human physiology changes in a microgravity environment, thus the Space Station has its own exercise equipment called ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device). The product helps the human body to exercise in the microgravity environment. Without the effect of gravity, the human body loses its muscle-bone structure in a period.

When we analyze the ARED, we clearly see that the device is engineered very advanced, but ergonomics-wise it has some points lacking. Since the product is in touch with the human body, the device should perform a perfect harmony with its user. Another aspect of ARED which needs to be improved ...

Papaya is an appliance that helps with the cleanup process at home, consisting of a station that contains spheres. These spheres work by sensors and technological devices that clean the house with a controlled way, efficient , automated, and interactive (with virtual games), and you can select the cleaning mode. When you buy the appliance, you can select some types of spheres with different characteristics, adapted to the games and the cleaning process.

Papaya is an appropriate solution that cleans in a fun way. It has wireless connectivity and children can participate in house work. It also facilitates entertainment and offers an infinite number of games that are downloaded from a virtual platform that are administered ...

Use of photochromatic windshield on vehicles eliminating the need of sun visors.
(1) Protecting the driver's eyes from sharp, direct sunlight which may be a distraction while driving.
(2) Preventing the need for the driver to take his hand off the steering wheel to open the sun visor.
(3) Preventing glare from the headlights of oncoming traffic during night driving.

There are photochromatic glasses/windshields available in the market currently which contain photochromatic molecules and detect the UV rays of the sun. However, these are temperature dependent. These glasses involve a different molecular structure.

Using a sensor, with these glasses, the intensity of the sun rays are detected and depending on the intensity the tint on ...

Cleaning is the most time-consuming work everywhere -- home, offices, etc. So,my attention is regarding the development of a self-cleaning products industry in India. This concept comes from a scratch related to Lotus effect which has super- hydrophobic property. Also some insects having this property by which they can float over water without wetting their legs. The idea is about manufacturing products which have 'super-dry' property, i.e, zero-tolerance to wetting.

The epidermis of lotus plants possess papillae with 10 to 20 µm in height and 10 to 15 µm in width on which the so-called epicuticular waxes are imposed. These superimposed waxes are hydrophobic and form the second layer of the double structure. This system regenerates. This biochemical ...

My personal goal is to be able to use a quad-copter from my vehicle, i.e. to survey a crowded parking lot and locate an available parking space. So I want a convenient and secure way to transport, launch, control, retrieve and recharge a video-equipped copter from my vehicle.

Most Sun/Moon roof accessory packages include an upper glass panel and a lower opaque panel. Use the lower panel to capture a BASE support package, and the upper glass to shield it from the environment. To be designed: a cordless charging surface, and a short-range auto-landing mechanism (using retro-reflector beacons, etc).

Wireless transceiver packages exist, as do video display elements (could be tied into a smart phone app, but low priority). ...

Impressive Putty is the easiest, safest, and most affordable mold making material in the world. Take almost any shape, made from clay, or printed on a 3-D printer. Press the Putty mold making materials over it, and you are ready to duplicate your part into plastic, concrete, soap, wax, and more. And unlike a 3-D printer, it doesn’t require any computer programming.

Advantages include:
1. Reusable molds
Unlike silicone molds or other rubber molds, Impressive Putty molds are re-meltable and re-usable.The same mold making material for dozens and dozens of molds. You don’t need to buy more mold making material.

2. Easy to use mold making
No mixing, no weighing. Just melt the Putty in the microwave to ...

From an accessory to a depressing and impersonal clinical tool, the walking cane had unfortunately taken a turn into an emblem for the old and challenged. Essentially Reflex seeks to redefine that for the elderly and more.

Emphasising on the notion of dynamic walking, Reflex spots an elastic shoe design which ‘blossoms’ on contact with the ground. Such not only increases the surface contact, thus making it more stable, but also serves as a reliable anchor for the next step. This motion too cushions the impact as a result of the cane-ground contact, more so when the user leans on the aid.

During the walking transitions, the blossomed profile springs right back into a streamlined design which is shyly unobtrusive. ...

Of 40 million blind people in the world, only 10% can read and write braille.
One of the primary reason for this is because braille hasn't yet found its footing in the digital era, due to the sheer cost of such devices, as well as the affordability matrix of the visually impaired.

Low-cost braille displays have been sought after for quite a while with no avail.
Commercially available braille displays employ peizo-electric actuated pins, which are very expensive.

Due to the sheer expense of braille technology, and the scarce availability of books in braille, the medium is slowly falling out of favour. But many agree that braille literacy is paramount for the empowerment of the blind for ...

Changing from a centralized to distributed power network has many advantages, including reduced transmission losses, reduced operational costs, and reduced vulnerability. Unfortunately, having a functioning power plant in every home is not particularly attractive. In order to create a distributed power network, the conversion method must be maintenance free, high efficiency, and run on a fuel source readily available across the country.

Thermionic power conversion is a technology often considered for space power generation, where there is strong emphasis on hands-free operation. The concept behind this technology relies on an emitter plate being heated to high temperatures, until the electrons of the material "boil" off the surface. They are then collected by a collector plate, and the electrons run ...

It is an attempt to solve a genuine problem of the poor women of the underdeveloped countries. Poor women cannot afford the costly napkins. As the poor women cannot afford the existing napkins they generally pass this period by inserting some waste cloth in the undergarment. So comfort is beyond imagination. So called low cost napkins are a real compromise with hygiene. Again in the interior rural areas shops are not available. During floods there is another issue.

This napkins is a permanent solution to the poor women to their regular periods in a hygienic way. Instead of the existing seal packed napkins, this napkin is in the form of a cloth (cotton) pocket with a chain in ...

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