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A lot of objects use suction cups when mounted. The problem is that all suction cups after a while lose their suction force and fall down.

ThorPad combines the well-known mushroom-shaped interface of the conventional suction cup with the amazing adhesive properties of modern polymers. The sticky side is not a glue but a special polymer that leaves no residues. The pad itself is made of a flexible but very sturdy technical polymer.

The compact Thorpad can be attached to all smooth and clean surfaces, it even attaches to curvy surfaces. It is easy to re-apply the ThorPad, just clean it in soap and water, let it dry and it is good to go.

Thorpad is the perfect direct replacement of conventional ...

Torch-It is technical, economical, smart solution for visually impaired people. It is device which detects the obstacles in their path while walking. It is like a virtual cane (stick).

Two distance sensors detects obstacles horizontally as well as vertically and gives all data to the controller and controller read the data and response via vibrating motor and buzz sound shown in flow diagram. Here there are 2 modes in horizontal sensor a) indoor and b) outdoor.

a) indoor: if distance less then 80 cm- then one motor is vibrating; if distance less then 60 cm- then two motors are vibrating; if distance less then 30 cm- then three motor are vibrating.
b) outdoor: if distance less then 200 cm- ...

We designed a flashlight with the idea of attaching it like a GoPro to surfaces and move seamlessly between the mounts for hands-free use, while making it a flashlight that was practical and easy to use with one hand or while attached to a mount.

What makes it easy to use:
We incorporated a touchscreen on to it for ease of use like IPod did to the MP3 player. The touchscreen was a component that we found another flashlight using and tested its durability. The touchscreen component was pressure reading so that it can work with gloves and waterproof. The choice to use this component came easy when we learned how durable it was and that it was going ...

Dear experts,
Today you will find out about my idea of improving treadmill monitor.

So, sometimes you can be a little bit lazy to force yourself to go to the gym and running on the running track (treadmill) could be boring.

Usually on the monitor of the treadmill you can see information on the calories, speed tracking and pulse. But it could be more motivating and funny If you could see pictures of the food which you have eaten during this day and you need to burn these calories. So, an individual can choose the lunch/meal content (pictures of meat, vegetables and so on) and it counts calories you have now and need to burn and how much time ...

With the advent of technology, the photographic trends in our society are also changing rapidly. Earlier there were bulky Calotype cameras, then came the age of reel cameras, now the smart phone cameras. With 2.08 billion smartphone users, a huge share of photographs are taken using smart phones among which selfies make up an impressive share. But sadly the quality of selfies are still much behind because of low resolution front cameras in smart phones.

The low picture quality persists for a long time, as there hasn’t been any effective solutions in this aspect. The main reason for such issues being price considerations. The average price of the 12MP rear camera module of Samsung is $50, ...

VentiFresh is an odor reduction unit for small spaces, designed to work in enclosed space up to 1.5 cubic feet. This compact unit comes with a fully functional ventilation system, combining cutting edge UV LED lighting and platinum dioxide technology to break down odor molecules piling up inside enclosed spaces, thus neutralizing and reducing the formation of foul odors.

The VentiFresh odor reduction unit takes only 1 minute to install. Powered by an external rechargeable power bank or a power plug, VentiFresh automatically starts working via an embedded light sensor. Just install the unit and close the door or cover of your trash can, locker, drawer or single shoe closet, at power on the smart unit will start working ...

Visual Ambrosia®, when you view it, instantly and coherently benefits The Future, with cognitively superior, graphically restful, colorfully alluring video distraction.

Why? Countless millions of video display screens, in every hotel/hospital/waiting room, have TVs. All viewers in wait areas, just by waiting, are prone, variously, to stress. Existing streaming news feeds and repetitive decorative landscape video programming, offered waiting viewers as narrative-free video content, are scarcely soothing, emotionally. By contrast, Visual Ambrosia® UHD video streaming programs function, for waiting viewers, quite differently. Visual Ambrosia® is calming, intriguing, unexpected, subtle, steadily surprising, universally intelligible; it’s “TWOSE”, a tranquilizer without side effects.

How? Visual Ambrosia® movies are magnification video animation sequences, derived from gigabyte dimension, digital scans of 19th C. chromolithographic ...

Aqua-Loc Mbube Design Water Demand Management System (WDMS) water meter, consisting of the Intelligent Flow Regulating Device (IFRD) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), saves more than 60% in water consumption.

1. The Intelligent Flow Regulating Device (IFRD) is a water credit management which enables the municipality or the consumer to ration and manage water usage. The IFRD is a unique device which maintains a constant flow irrespective of variable water pressure and is available in 4,6,8,10 15 litres per minute and is easily upgraded within a two minute exercise.

2. The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) enables walk by or drive by and GPRS technology data capturing of water meter consumption. The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) offers leakage and tamper ...

The water used for the disposal of human waste and the smell produced from it is totally avoided. This invention can surely helps in saving water and is eco-friendly.

Sanitation is the hygienic means of promoting health by avoiding human contact with proper removal of sewage or wastewater. But still the amount of water used for the disposal of the human waste is high. So a new design of a sanitation system that does not require any water to function was developed.

The waterless and odorless toilet is mainly designed to reduce the consumption of water and also reduce the odor created while using the toilet. The invention could surely replace toilet systems which use 5 ...

Consumers purchasing windows are often concerned about seals, ease of operation, and attractiveness. Even if a window meets these criteria, they are manually operated which means someone must be present to open and close the window. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when storms arise.

A window that can detect rain and close automatically would be an incredible asset to any home. Windows designed in this manner could save homeowners and insurance companies thousands of dollars when laminate flooring, drywall, and other valuable objects become ruined in a storm. Nobody need be present as the window will automatically shut when rain is detected.

The design is very simple and can be adjusted for different window types and locations. A water ...

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