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Identity theft is one of the most commited and most detrimental crimes being committed today. It’s also one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Once the criminals have your information they can destroy everything you worked for all your life.

Today's kitchens serve as more than just places to concoct supper. Advanced kitchens are increasingly regularly the home's focal get-together place, a region where families mingle and get to know one another as much as they really take a seat for dinners.

The first reusable lotion bottle that serves a dual purpose. The bottle doubles as a pump dispenser and transportable tube. The sustainable packaging innovation is refill ready and dispenses 100% of the content inside!

Aside from the lotion pump that's made of up to ten components,

The knapsack sprayer is a device widely used due to its low cost and wide applicability. In recent years, there are electric knapsack sprayers, which besides increasing operator comfort, improves the quality of the spraying operation. Therefore,

Sample Backpack Motorized Sprayer (Fig. 1). It is developed on a basis
American Accessible 9, 062, 664 B2. It can be characterized as effective, reliable, and the competitive device to spray water and paint.

The Circle lamp is designed to help people control lightining in their surroundings.
This is a simple solution how a person can change the intensity of light by closing the shape of lamp. Because of magnets this lamp has two positions of lightning. Open light source and closed.

Hand deficiency imposes devastating limitations on daily activities and deprives amputees, especially those from low-income families, of their means and will to a living. The most important step in assisting these amputees is the recovery of their hands' functions. However,

We have seen many water bottles being used and dumped after emptied leading to piles of recyclable plastic clearly a hazard to human health.

Profitability in business is measured as the difference between input (resources) and the output (outcome of transactions). Power supply for use by micro and small scale business enterprise (MSSE) is quite challenging especially when accessibility to national power grid is unavailable.

With a growing population that is highly exposed to an extreme working conditions and stressful life pattern, chronic muscular pain is a thing too common among both the old aged and 30+ (who use bike or work for prolonged period in the same position).

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