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Shark is my fresh take on conventional street bikes.

The idea is to make them more maneuverable and agile in turns so that the user doesn't have to give away the pedal force s/he has already built up when entering corners.

By allowing the rear wheel rotation perpendicular to the ground....imagine the tail of a shark underwater when it changes direction.
The key difference between any other bicycle and Shark is how it turns.

Let me explain how.
The rear wheel and the chain drive (or belt drive for that matter) are integral and connected indirectly to the rest of the body. This allows the rear wheel to rotate along Z-axis. This rotation (better understood through illustration) thrusts ...

What SGG technology does
Smart Glass Guidance (SGG) is an information service system technology for users' interactive retrieval of service information proximate to user location within a preset service perimeter. The service perimeter can be any defined space in- or outdoors that provides a set of service functionality like guiding a tour in a museum or an art gallery, providing merchandize information in a shopping mall, or monitoring and controlling operations in a factory, etc.

In a museum or gallery, the user is a visitor to spectate the artifacts or artworks. In a mall the user is a customer browsing and choosing from among the merchandizes, and, in a factory, the user can be a technician to ...

When a car accident occurs, the minutes immediately following the accident are crucial to provide assistance to people affected by the accident.

Most drivers now carry a Smart Phone when driving. Proposed app uses GPS and Accelerometer sensors already available on most Smart Phones.

App should work as follows:

1.- GPS sensor detects moving velocity and determines when Smart phone user is moving in a motorized vehicle. And App is started.

2.- In case of a car crash-like accident Accelerometer Sensor detects a high sudden desacceleration.

3.- Pre-programmed sound and flash light are activated, intensity increases each second.

4.- If alarm is not deactivated when sound and light reaches maximum intensity, then warning messages are sent to pre-programed emergency numbers.

With the advent of the Internet comes not only the opportunity to send and receive data from our peers or fellow humans, but also the inherent capacity of devices to send and receive data autonomously.

The consumption of electricity has skyrocketed in recent years, and methods which are costly and of harm to the environment are also mostly used in electricity generation. Therefore, energy monitoring, management and efficiency is of utmost importance to improve the power sector of any economy. A solution to the growing issue of energy monitoring and management is a cheap and smart electricity socket that could show the users the amount of energy and money they spend at every point in time for each of their ...

I have invented SNUGHOOKS, a safer bag hook suitable for the storage of school bags. One of the main features of the design is that the hooks do not dangerously protrude into the space frequented by students or other people. This greatly reduces the possibility of injury. Being a teacher, I know that schools are typically a hive of activity and hooks that stick out are very dangerous and can and do cause injury. SNUGHOOKS are actually recessed into an injection molded plastic form and they are able to support the bags just as other types of hooks do. The distinct difference is however that the front face of the molded hook is flush with the surrounding material. No ...


This project was inspired by the overwhelming number of new 'innovative' products on the market. So may gadgets and gizmos exist to help us with everyday menial problems, we often forget to appreciate the things around us. I decided to focus my project within the bathroom, as this is the area in the home that is meant to instill tranquility - a personal oasis away from the world - yet more and more manufacturers add technology to this room that contradict this ideal.


Solaro is an illuminated mirror that challenges the user to forget their daily cares, and instead inspires them to think about the peace, calm and awe that comes from admiring the workings of the universe. ...

Solid drug delivery device for pediatric use

Clinicians, patients, caregivers, and society as a whole, place high value on pediatric clinical care. These innovative, conveniently administered, and high-quality pediatric products can spell the difference between successful treatment of a pediatric patient or failure. Poor drug adherence is often due to poor organoleptics of orally administered drugs.

In Figure 1 shows a section through a syringe device with two input paths as overview.
By pressing the plunger water will leaving by silicone tube and will form a film on the surface of the tongue on the move while a plastic rod will push the pill. By reflex swallowing water formed by the two deliveries false mind is tricked and sense ...

Suncayr has created SPOT, a smart indicator of UV light, to help everyone be safer in the sun.

SPOT tells you how effective your sunscreen is all day long! SPOT is easy to use: you put SPOT on, then apply sunscreen overtop. While your sunscreen is protecting you, SPOT is white. When your sunscreen has worn off, and your skin is exposed to UV, SPOT turns purple, letting you know you are no longer protected.

SPOT uses a reversible colour change to keep you informed on your UV protection all day long. And the best part, SPOT's can be printed with any design, including fun and memorable characters. This makes applying sunscreen a fun activity for children and parents ...

This project was first conceptualised in order to break the stereotype of Western Closet- WC. A redesign of WCs. For a long time this topic has not been analysed at least has not been under the spotlight.

Most of the population in the western world do not know why they are using the sitting type of closet instead of the squatting type. Now this is so because the main way to defecate was squatting right from the stone age, which would be the scientific way to do it . A simple reason behind this change would be the higher officials of the Indus valley civilisation, Mohan je dare, the Roman generals and the royals during the early British Industrialisation ...

Consumer exploitation has been one of the major problems facing most countries especially where a fixed price policy has failed. You will experience that in most of our banks, hotels, supermarkets, and other product and service providers, the prices of the same product/service, brand and quality varies from shop to shop.

This problem has led to increase traffic of window shoppers, wastage of time and high cases of consumer exploitation.

This project is all about a system whereby the consumer installs software (apps) in a smart phone or computer, after the installation process the consumer can then type in all the goods/services she intends to buy. The software will then automatically give him/her the total price of ...

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