Three different shaped reactionless lift systems.

All three engines are driven by an electric compressor for air circulation with reactionless magic lift effect as the total force result.

System Type A: Reactionless propulsion by a globular configuration of a mushroom shaped air duct with multiple circular shaped wings producing magic reaction less lift effect by laminar air circulation. The engine described here represent one of multiple configuration variations of reactionless propulsion. The shape of the internal multiple mushroom is the most complex configuration for effective reaction less lift production.

System Type B: Reactionless propulsion in space, by a T shaped configuration of a complex air duct with multiple linear internal wings producing magic lift effect by laminar air circulation ...

Today we have ultra modern toilets but for flushing we still use water even if we go for urine at least for urine purpose we human waste 1 to 5 litre whether we are in public toilet or home. My method is simple instead water we can use sand as this sand can be recyclable by heating the sand or decomposing method.

HOW IT'S WORKS:- Suppose we go to public toilet what we do first flush water than we urine it & than again we flush it so we waste water. But in my concept instead of water we use SAND.

Suppose we go to toilet what you will see in closet sand do urine on ...

A surveillance device comprises a nest holding a secondary camera, and a drone holding a primary camera. Both cameras provide the operator with real time video or photos. While the secondary camera surveys the local field in which the nest is installed, the drone can be activated to survey a wider field or follow up certain events or persons using the primary camera.

The nest incubates the drone helping it maintain functionality by supplying power, control orders and data stream transfer. The nest is a moderator between the drone and the operator. The surveillance functionality of the device can be divided into passive surveillance and active surveillance. During the passive surveillance; the drone is incubated within the ...

If we fix a compressed spring or air filled balloon in awkward shapes at the end of a lever bar long enough to multiply any minute unbalanced force and capable of rotation about an axis at the other end and hold the lever bar perfectly parallel to the horizontal the bar exhibits unidirectional motion not explained by ideomotor effect and the direction of motion can be predetermined by control study. The cause here is that energy keeps moving in the time dimension to an imaginary position in space and manifests as motion.

Again if a body say a toy car slides down an inclined plane with angle of inclination less than 45° the downward and forward motion of ...

Dynamic Energy Technologies has patented a means of utilizing vehicle ride motion to generate electrical power. This electrical energy downloads the inefficient ICE/alternator combination. A 90% efficient alternator powered by a 20% average duty cycle ICE gas engine wastes 82% of the fuel consumed when producing electrical energy. The DET generator minimizes this fuel waste by reducing the duty cycle of the alternator; every 100 watts generated by the DET generator reduces the engine load by 550 watts (1/0.18) * 100). Audi claims a savings of 0.7L/100km using ride motion energy: //Audi%20Energy%20Generating%20Suspension.htm.

The DET machine can actively re-charge the battery pack on an EV/Hybrid while the vehicle is in motion. This novel generator is based on Faraday's Law and ...

The objective of the system configuration (Fig. 1) is to efficiently transfer nanoscale and molecular networking information between a conventional communication systems.
Rather than access a conventional communication systems, only the data not on the conventional communication systems is accessed from the switch. This helps alleviate bottlenecks and makes data transfer quicker and more ...


The nature of Gas Flaring processes have created a severe impact on man and the environment. Massive environmental degradation as a result of flaring activities has led to fluctuations in climate as well as depletion of the vegetation cover through acid rain. Findings have been made on some harmful gases released into the atmosphere that have effects on the environment and also on man. In order to control these effects by ensuring a clean atmosphere and environment, a new flaring model (DanMat flaring model) has been suggested.

The model uses smoldering mechanism and insulation method to reduce the amount of heat (about 1500 degrees Celsius ) released into the atmosphere during conventional flaring by 100%. It also ...

1.Project Description:

Tamarind fruit pulp is a sour fruit that has medicinal properties and specially it acts as a medicine to reduce high blood pressure. In general if high concentrated tamarind juice is drunk by a high blood pressure person then his/her blood pressure suddenly comes to normal or near normal. So I decided to make packet juice in cheap whose main constituent will be tamarind juice with preservatives and other little ingredients. This juice will be available in pharmacies and on summer days it will be favorite for high blood pressure patients and this juice will act as a high blood pressure medicine by replacing common drugs against high blood pressure.

On cold days ...

Farms provides foods for cities.
Cities are becoming ugly conglomerate of people and concrete.
My proposal is to integrate cities and farms to have local food, more work and a liveable city.

Currently, we have crowded cities and far away farms.
Irrigation technology permits food production in a variety of climate conditions. The best optimization form of irrigation are Circles.

Implementing more than two irrigation circles will leave Triangles between them.
These triangles will be used for Housing and Transportation.

A Circle and its adjacent Triangles forms an Hexagons.
Hexagons are modular forms that can be connected and expanded as ...

Aviation 100LL (100 octane, low-lead) gasoline is produced in relatively small quantities, contains lead, is expensive and difficult to obtain outside the developed world. Jet fuel is widely available, cheaper and has higher energy density than aviation gasoline. The turboprop or turbojet engine solutions with weight and reliability advantages over reciprocating engines, however, are too expensive for much of general aviation and the fuel burn is higher. For these reasons, considerable effort has been expended to develop jet fuel burning aviation diesel engines.

Propeller speeds in general aviation engines are generally below 2700 rpm. The standard spark ignition general aviation engine is direct drive and has a large displacement in order to develop the necessary power at propeller speeds. ...

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