In the history of transportation, electricity has always replaced fossil fuels when a commercially viable technology was available. Historically, major manufacturers have invested in electric trains and cars and it’s clear that electric aircraft are next. However, none of the current solutions for electric planes provide engines that are adapted for large scale commercial flights. Whilst "Electric aircraft are a key element in our research for the future of aviation" as Airbus' CEO Tom Enders outlines, most efforts have focused on the classic "electromagnetic" engine for its incomparable efficiency. Yet current technologies do not offer sufficient power density for high speed flights. By applying arcjet technology to jet engines– i.e. heating air with an electrical arc instead of burning ...

The Major Problems:
➤~70% of fuel is wasted as heat in conventional engines/power-plants/waste-to-energy-systems which don’t combust the water/aquifers/air polluting fuel completely while also producing strong green-house NOx emissions. Fuel usage efficiency can be doubled without any emissions/pollutants. [CO2 is not a pollutant but a valuable resource].
➤Most plastic/trash/etc. is buried or dumped in oceans which pollute water/aquifers/air. 8MM tons of plastic winds up in the ocean yearly. This debris can be used as fuel for vehicles & electrical energy generation via our pollution-free, carbon-negative gasification and for useful industrial heat including large-scale water purification/desalination.

For the foreseeable future internal-combustion-engines[ICE], hybrids and turbines will still be the go-to solutions. We solve the emissions problem with the low-cost AllFuel-TotalCombustion ...

Large wind blade surfaces embedded with flexible Solar Panel can generate more energy out of the same system. For example, Shrouded design type with flexible solar panel has been shown in the diagram. Depending up on the area of wind turbine blade either horizontal or vertical or shrouded, the same system can generate more power output.

Also, such systems’ tower can be installed in the shallow seabed. A fixed propeller can be attached in the tower with gears, while gears provide the ability to rotate. It is to harvest wave energy. This amalgamated design can harvest solar, wind & wave ...

Considering the increasing number of people asking for the use of a car - especially in emerging markets - my work for this little sporty coupe has taken my engagement to realize a composition of shape and surfaces can be best to print in aluminium, steel, or simply plastic marterials. You have to consider in fact that current cars of that category have a number of "facets", onto the body to keep practically impossibile to join to an easy and above all, easy to repair bodywork. For emerging market o the other hand there is a strong request of "emotional vehicles," able to promote a new way to go on the streets. And with dynamicity! I preview an engine for ...

The present proposal addresses the following problems specific to developing/underdeveloped countries like India with a large population of illiterate/semi-literate geriatric patients.

The system envisions a patient friendly medicine packaging system, especially catering to geriatric patients who need regular medicines in take in large numbers throughout the day. Some medicines have requirements that they need to be consumed before or after food intake.

1. Difficult to understand prescriptions
2. Illiterate/semi-literate population
3. Danger of expired /unnamed medicines due to medicines being cut out of strips
5. Medicine requirements during travel
6. Inability to read/understand small prints on the package including name, date of manufacture / expire/ contradictions
7. Failing memory and sight ...

In most of the under developed nations, access to basic health care is scarce. A heater is an indispensable device for many applications, especially for medical purposes. As such, a simple and easy to make heater from readily available materials becomes valuable equipment to help alleviate the human health problems. An ultra low cost (total cost including materials and manufacturing is less than a dollar per heater) heater from readily available materials like paper/cellulose acetate sheet and a pencil was designed and fabricated. Manually, using high graphite contained pencil; paper/cellulose surface was arbitrarily coated by applying numerous pencil strokes on the surface. Contacts were connected using either a wire or Copper/Aluminum foils over the coated surface. Power was supplied ...

Andro-Aqua offers a smart aquarium which will be connected to our app and can be controlled through the app with the app providing important alerts. Through this Andro-Aqua one can feed their important fishes without even being there so now you don't have to worry about feeding your fishes when you are not at home as Andro-Aqua will do it for you. Moreover all the important details of your precious fishes and aquarium will be uploaded to the cloud like temperature , turbidity , water level and filtration mechanism with the dirty water going out of the outlet and automatic refilling of water with an inlet and other important aspects so the person who doesn't even have the clue ...

Animatronics refers to the use of robotic devices to emulate a human or an animal, or bring lifelike characteristics to an otherwise inanimate object.

Unique part of this project is,HC 05 BLUETOOTH MODULE IS EMPLOYED FOR WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF SIGNAL UNLIKE OTHER ANIMATRONIC PROJECTS WHICH USES XBEE MODULE. HC05 is cheaper as compared to that of Xbeee module. This is first time this project is madewhich is based on Bluetooth module and it is not availalbe on internet.
In this project , slave part(3D printed prosthetic hand) replicates the movement of control glove(master part).

PLA(POLY LACTIC ACID) Is used for prining 3Dprinting Hand, it offers reliablity,efficiency moreover it is light in weight as compared to that of ...

This idea can solve the problem of vehicles skidding while driving on an ice coated road with a very easy way. One can drive safely on the ice coated road with the help of this device by attaching this device on the car.

How does your idea solve this problem?
MECHANISM: we will develop this device according to the diagram. In this device there will be 20 to 30 spikes which will be fixed with springs. There will be a hook to hold these springs. The spikes will be made with plastic or metal. We can take the length of these spikes as per car design. This device will be fixed in front of the both side tires according to ...

The main objective of the project is to identify the water flowing in the tap when it has opened when there is no water.. When there is no water in the water tank, the people forget to close the tap at the time. Because normally they may not close the tap while there is no water in the tank. Due to these issues the water is getting wasted while refilling of the water tank. Every drop of water should be conserved; we are in need to give the solution for this problem. In which we are able to give a small contribution to preserve water through our design.

By means of the valve design, it locks ...

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