Measuring DC voltage is fairly easy, but AC with distorted wave forms can be a challenge. The design team at NK Technologies has developed a sensor to measure AC or DC voltage, or a combination of both, with the ability to produce an accurate output signal to a PLC or panel meter to 5K hertz, up to 1200 volts. UL listed and compliant with CE regulations, this series of products are covered with our five year warranty, manufactured in the US and built to ISO9001:2008 standards.

The compact housing fits on a DIN rail or can be mounted directly on a back ...

The Active Suspension is one that can be useful for Supercars which utilize their Active suspension for maintaining center of gravity as low as possible, so that on the corners the car won't skid. It functions in such a way that whenever the Driver steers around the corner either left or right then the suspensions of left side of the car will pull the chassis of the vehicle to its optimum level so that appropriate amount of drag is generated on the car and hence the car will be glued to the track giving maximum grip and downforce for the left turn. The suspension will work actively without any instruction from the Driver and only as per the steer ...

Aim- To increase the corner stability (at a time line change on the road), reduce the turning radius of vehicle.

Purpose- Parking vehicle inside small space and take a turn in small radius

Brief- Mostly vehicle are controlling via front two wheels but in my project the rear wheel will be equally responsible in steering system. In which is created two situations:
1- Rear wheel turns in opposite direction of front wheel at an angle of front wheel from the straight position of wheel. Result: decrease the turning radius of vehicle and park in small space.
2- Rear wheel turns in same direction of front wheel and makes same angle of front wheel front the straight position of ...

Automobile plays an important role not only in transportation of goods and passengers but also in development of countries. As per the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM), the total number of vehicles manufactured in India of all types is around 23,960,940 till April-March 2016 having a marginal growth of 2.58%. At the same time domestic sales increased by 55.11% and overall automobile exports grew by 1.91%. As India is stepping form developing country to developed country and moving towards smart cities, it should include safety for human being at its major priority. India is a signatory to Brasilia Declaration and is committed to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities by 50% by 2020. In India because ...

Reducing or eliminating Shockwave is of paramount importance to maximize Supersonic and Hypersonic flight efficiency. In order to reduce marginally the shock wave I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.


To cancel shock wave move two metal piece in forward and backward direction in such a way that sound produced by both pieces cancel each other (the sound is out of phase with each other).

By changing the distance between two pieces you can cancel shock wave at variable or different speeds. Find the wave length of sound aircraft producing at particular speed and move the whole backward moving metallic piece mechanism accordingly at that particular speed. ...

Printed circuit boards are expensive and inherently delicate. They are particularly sensitive to water exposure, whether submersion, a splash or even fog. The delicate nature of PCBs challenges electronics manufacturers to find reliable, economical and high-performance materials that minimize or mitigate the damage that compromises safety and operation of electronic devices. Increasingly designers want to build water protection into the design to ensure product performance and reduce device failures. As a result of claims by several leading mobile brands, consumers now are looking for water resistance and protection as a feature of new and improved devices.

Yet we all know unsealed printed circuit boards absorb moisture from the air and can fail. Traditional approaches to protecting critical components of ...

We consider a new design of adaptive suspension systems of vehicles with better technical characteristics and functional abilities in comparison with existing designs. We have developed the following main suspension components of vehicles: a lockable adaptive shock absorber with a wide range of control performance, implementing "lockout" mode by means of blocking adaptive shock absorber, and an elastic element with progressive non-linear characteristic and automatic optimization of localization of work areas. Advantages of our developments in the vehicle suspensions are the following: 1) when the vehicle is in a wide range of speeds in a so-called "comfort zone", we have managed, by applying the non-linear elastic element, to reduce significantly the stiffness of the elastic suspension elements in compare ...

This ultra-compact ADLEPC-1500 really resonates with embedded engineers in a variety of markets. Early interest and design wins include industrial printing, traffic monitoring, cyber security, security scanning and toll road or border camera applications.

Based on the ADLE3800SEC E3800-series Edge-Connect SBC, this compact embedded PC delivers maximum performance in a very small 3.4″ x 3.2″ footprint. It features an Intel E3800-series Atom processor with onboard 4GB DDR3 RAM and integrated Intel HD Graphics engine with support for DirectX 11, Open GL 4.0 and full HD video playback.

The ADLEPC-1500 comes packaged in an industrial-grade chassis with mounting options for a variety of environments. Via its SBC edge-connect architecture, it can easily be extended to larger custom systems with added ...

Features of design:
It requires small space.
Provide protection from animals, insects etc.
Low cooling load.
Fast and efficient response.
Other smartphone enabled features can be added.
Customized music system.
Virtual reality screen in cabin sheet.

Description of design:
Bed with cabin or closed compartment.
Construction of Cabin required transparent sheet or translucent material etc. as per need.
Cabin gives facility to open or close it with help of curved door or windows.

Also, As we know that amount of heat added or removed by an Air conditioning unit directly depends on the quantity of heat reduction & generation in that space respectively. In other words, extra stuff in surrounding is responsible for increase in load consumption and electricity ...

This is the advanced accident detection system which is a help in case of the accident. In this system we use Arduino, GSM and GPS module. This system works when two cars hit each other. At that time the vibration of the car is used in the signal from and this signal is used and sent to the nearest hospital (ambulance) in the form of the SMS. This SMS is attached with the Google map link. When this SMS is open then the accurate location of the person is shown there in the time of 10 seconds. This system really works and it has a lot of advantages. Due to this system we can save a lot of people's ...

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