The Active Suspension is one that can be useful for Supercars which utilize their Active suspension for maintaining center of gravity as low as possible, so that on the corners the car won't skid.

Aim- To increase the corner stability (at a time line change on the road), reduce the turning radius of vehicle.

Automobile plays an important role not only in transportation of goods and passengers but also in development of countries. As per the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM),

Reducing or eliminating Shockwave is of paramount importance to maximize Supersonic and Hypersonic flight efficiency. In order to reduce marginally the shock wave I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.

Printed circuit boards are expensive and inherently delicate. They are particularly sensitive to water exposure, whether submersion, a splash or even fog. The delicate nature of PCBs challenges electronics manufacturers to find reliable,

We consider a new design of adaptive suspension systems of vehicles with better technical characteristics and functional abilities in comparison with existing designs. We have developed the following main suspension components of vehicles: a lockable adaptive shock absorber with a wide range of control performance, implementing "lockout"

This ultra-compact ADLEPC-1500 really resonates with embedded engineers in a variety of markets. Early interest and design wins include industrial printing, traffic monitoring, cyber security, security scanning and toll road or border camera applications.

Based on the ADLE3800SEC E3800-series Edge-Connect SBC,

Features of design:
It requires small space.
Provide protection from animals, insects etc.
Low cooling load.
Fast and efficient response.
Other smartphone enabled features can be added.
Customized music system.
Virtual reality screen in cabin sheet.

Description of design:
Bed with cabin or closed compartment.

This is the advanced accident detection system which is a help in case of the accident. In this system we use Arduino, GSM and GPS module. This system works when two cars hit each other.

DTI’s Next Generation Autostereoscopic Glasses-Free 3D LCD Displays Will Make Air Travel Safer

In the very near future, pilots will receive better information from DTI autostereoscopic instrumentation and navigation displays. According to NASA, this will result in an 18% improvement in pilot situational awareness.

In addition,

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