The researchers at NC State have conceptualized a new mode of transportation that solves the circulatory transit problem, with travel distances of less than 10 miles or less, these areas are too far to walk and too short to drive. A large number of sites like college campuses,

A new mode of combustion in the IC Engine has been significantly demonstrated, patented and can achieve near ideal combustion. This mode would occur in the cylinder proper and retain all combustion from an accelerated start to a complete finish.

This concept presents a radically new wing design that aims to equip new aircraft designs such as flying car with the aim of emulating the behaviour of helicopters and tilt rotors with much higher efficiency, better performances and higher safety levels.

The Concept of the System [Photo 1] is to orientate a solar collector and a Polyhedral Structure [Photo 2] to face the Sun with “Azimuthal” tracking of 270 deg and “ Altitudinal” 90 deg. *

Finally, here is the solution to the world's requirement for power, with no carbon footprint, and no more need of fossil fuels! This new-technology electricity generator functions uniquely according to known principles of electromagnetic induction, and requires no external power or fuel, and is patented (US 8,847,720).

Gridlock in and around megacities is already at crisis levels and will escalate exponentially into the future unless viable solutions are found to solve the problems. Pollution from idling motor vehicles aggravates global warming problems.

The Market
According to a NASA study published in 1999, there were 160,577 General Aviation aircraft of which 75% had fixed gear. These airplanes have the obvious drag penalty of the gear remaining in the airstream while in flight,

Engines currently used in range extender of electric vehicles are complex and expensive. Electric vehicle needs a very efficient range extender able to use alternative fuels, and which also does not affect its useful space, does not increase weight,

The eXOgon antenna is a broadband, circularly polarized, active, high frequency receiving antenna with switchable polarization sense. It has been known for decades that all ionospherically refracted radio signals are circularly polarized, but virtually nobody is taking advantage of this fact.

Measuring DC voltage is fairly easy, but AC with distorted wave forms can be a challenge. The design team at NK Technologies has developed a sensor to measure AC or DC voltage, or a combination of both,

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