Vehicular traffic in cities has a significant impact on environment, economy and life of many people. Thus, it is important to manage and organize it optimally and AI and new technologies may bring significant progress in this field. However,

Ailtrine is a combination of ailment and latrine i.e a toilet with the ability to check your health condition. This super toilet has the ability to check your temperature, excrement, and weight.


This type of air conditioner is mainly helpful in medium scale shopping malls and ATM's. Coming to shopping malls where speakers can be used for announcements of offers etc.., and camera is used for security purposes.

Concept for an Air Taxi

Aviation Safety Industries' extensive research, development and engineering has developed an innovative and comprehensive 'Business Method Plan for Deicing Aircraft' for improved deicing efficiency.

It’s sobering that passengers looking out over an aircraft wing might know more about what’s going on with the airflow than the pilots. It’s time to change that with APM.

Airliner Economy Class Sleeper Seat

Long nonstop airline flights of 10 to 20 hours are not uncommon. As anybody who has done it can confirm, making these flights in economy class can be very unpleasant as well as dangerous (Thrombosis).

Figure # 1

Normal Conditioning

When wing is moving against the wind, most of the air will hit the wing and make a sharp turn.

This is requiring great amount of energy. Airplane speed is reduced, and fuel consumption increased considerable.

Need of energy is constantly increasing because of increase in population and industrialization globally. Depletion of fossil fuel, increase in pollution level and imbalance in the ecological level of the earth, etc. cause researchers to think of alternative solutions to fossil fuel.

In the history of transportation, electricity has always replaced fossil fuels when a commercially viable technology was available. Historically, major manufacturers have invested in electric trains and cars and it’s clear that electric aircraft are next. However,

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