Creating the World's First Animated Trivia Application - Everyone needs Animated Trivia. Our brains are simply visual by nature processing 60,000 times faster than text. It is easier to recall amazing facts when they are matched with fun animation. The worldwide appeal of trivia is well known especially with the success of Trivia Crack (over 200 million monthly users) and is primarily a text based trivia application. The world deserves more.

Utilizing thousands of high quality fun animations and matching them with amazing facts creates the opportunity for people to enjoy and retain the amazing facts easier. This helps educate and entertain people around the world with a new way to experience trivia. AH-HA TRIVIA - Animated Trivia will ...

Vehicular traffic in cities has a significant impact on environment, economy and life of many people. Thus, it is important to manage and organize it optimally and AI and new technologies may bring significant progress in this field. However, many traffic and transport optimization issues are NP-hard and are difficult to be solved optimally, especially in a large scale.

I am developing software for a large-scale traffic simulation, Traffic Simulation Framework (TSF), which can be used to design optimal traffic control strategies and optimal transport infrastructure, using advanced AI methods. In particular, I am applying neural networks to approximate outcomes of traffic simulations in order to speed up required computations, to evaluate large number of settings (e.g., traffic signal ...

Ailtrine is a combination of ailment and latrine i.e a toilet with the ability to check your health condition. This super toilet has the ability to check your temperature, excrement, and weight. This has the capacity to save a lot of lives with more research the Ailtrine will be able to detect early signs of cancer (specific types). Ailtrine also helps in weight loss activities and dietary programs. This is a basic affordable Toilet with upgrades for high end users. It can be powered by solar or electricity.

Weight - The Toilet seat has a in built thermometer and scale which measures the weight distribution of your torso while sitting down. Rapid weight loss is often missed by individuals who ...


This type of air conditioner is mainly helpful in medium scale shopping malls and ATM's. Coming to shopping malls where speakers can be used for announcements of offers etc.., and camera is used for security purposes.

Coming to ATM'S
Camera is fixed in a position which exactly detect the human being and his eyes In case any robbery or malfunction of ATM we can get the details of that person by scanning eyes with unique identification number,, for example aadhar in india, by this we can maintain high security and reduce the cost, maintenance and also we can use one object for many purposes

Description 2:
By removing camera we can fix a wifi device for homely purpose which reduces the ...

Concept for an Air Taxi

Basic Concept:

Small Aircraft VTOL, fully computer controlled, V-shape, no "wings".

Makes use of the CONADA Effect.

Electrically driven FANS. Electric, hybrid for now!

Concept A: underbody fans

Concept B: many small fans on the sides of the airframe

For both concepts: Forward - electric or jet
Air pressure system for Directional Control

Positions and size for Air Inlets for A and B fans are only indicated. Have to be positioned and sized during detail design for throughput air requirements.

Different "V" shaps have to be investigated to achieve the best compromise.

Movable flaps could be used at air discharges to use fans for forward flight.

Best for 3-seat or 4-seat Taxi. Larger models ...

Aviation Safety Industries' extensive research, development and engineering has developed an innovative and comprehensive 'Business Method Plan for Deicing Aircraft' for improved deicing efficiency.
The innovative element of the plan being:

1. The improvements in deicing efficiency are due to a specifically designed unilateral system for the method and practices of deicing aircraft for all cold climate airports of the United States. Specifically designed and engineered are three unimagined U.S. patented deicing apparatuses to facilitate our innovative perspective plan for an economical and expedient airports Fixed Base of Operation for aircraft ground deicing. This improved Method and Practices Plan by design, prioritizing passenger flight crew safety, by employing a state-of-the-art ice detection, operations communication and recording system, for ...

It’s sobering that passengers looking out over an aircraft wing might know more about what’s going on with the airflow than the pilots. It’s time to change that with APM.

The patented Airfoil Performance Monitor (APM) is the only technology that provides real-time information to pilots regarding the state of the airflow over the aircraft’s wings and tail. This information is critical for the prevention of stalls and Loss of control (LOC), particularly during airborne icing encounters. According to a 10-year National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) study, LOC was the leading cause of fatalities to large commercial jet and business jet aircraft, accounting for 4,717 lives lost and 44% of all U.S. business aircraft accidents during a ten-year period. ...

Airliner Economy Class Sleeper Seat

Long nonstop airline flights of 10 to 20 hours are not uncommon. As anybody who has done it can confirm, making these flights in economy class can be very unpleasant as well as dangerous (Thrombosis). As the hours drag on it becomes harder and harder to find any position of comfort. Sleep for many people is impossible. This idea suggests a possible way to best utilize the existing very limited volume available to each economy passenger. It is primarily aimed at providing a sleeping platform but also allows an escape from a fixed sitting position. For most passengers, the only change available during flight is tilting the seat back (and taking volume away from ...

Figure # 1

Normal Conditioning

When wing is moving against the wind, most of the air will hit the wing and make a sharp turn.

This is requiring great amount of energy. Airplane speed is reduced, and fuel consumption increased considerable.

Figure #2

Wing Cone Installed

When wing is moving against the wind, most of the air will not hit the wing directly and it flows smoothly upward. Airplane speed will increased and fuel consumption decreased considerable.

No ice will build up, even under icy conditioning.

Figure #3

Icy Conditioning

When wing is in icy Conditioning, air mixed with water drops hit the wing and water turns into ice on the leading edge of the wing.

The air without ...

Need of energy is constantly increasing because of increase in population and industrialization globally. Depletion of fossil fuel, increase in pollution level and imbalance in the ecological level of the earth, etc. cause researchers to think of alternative solutions to fossil fuel. Biodiesel derived from crops may be replacement of petroleum-derived fuel used for transport and power generation without adversely affecting the crisis of food and also keeping the environment clean. This research talks about algae cultivation, process for algae to biofuel conversion, conceptual design and general layout of slow pyrolysis process. B40 gives approximate 54% mechanical efficiency compared to B0 of 51% in an I.C.Engine. Thus algae biodiesel may address current burning issues of the country as well as ...

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