Figure 1 shows a flow battery comprised of tanks 1 and 2. Tanks 1 contains liquid 4 and tank 2 contains liquid 6. These liquids 4 and 6 in tanks 1 and 2 are pumped past a membrane 5 held between two electrodes 8 and 10 in a reaction

System of supports and flower pots for vertical gardens made of recycled rubber chip. Production oriented -mainly- for use on balconies and small spaces. The pieces are characterized for being ecological, modular, resilient and adaptable to different measures, helping to bring nature into the home.

In general,

Fluid dynamic generator -- same as an air conditioner except cold plates replace using a condenser and evaporator and many peltiers sandwiched between plates and a 12-24v,

Based on the Invention Patent No. 00121196, CLASA B63H9/04 from 06.12.2006 and Patent application(pending) A/00878/2017 from 26/10/2017

The technical solution is based on a flight apparatus with flexible outer shell, powered by the pressure effect described as the Coandă-Effect,

Last Mile, in transportation and logistics, refers to the one last mile from the source to the nearest public transit hub. In developing countries like China, and India, shared mobility is prevalent over individual ownership of cars. Also,

My idea is about replacing the old fashioned wooden blackboard with foldable OLED and calcite chalk with electronic or digital pen.

Foldable OLED can be folded and refolded more or less 100,000 times without picture creases.

Estimates show that the final leg (“The Final Mile”) of delivery can comprise more than 25% of a product’s total transportation cost.

Shopping for groceries is time consuming and inefficient.

FoodNinja is a system developed to improve operations and profitability of a typical dining restaurant.

EnerSysNet Canada Inc. (ESN) will bring the factory to the forest by developing a network of, mobile energy conversion (MEC) systems to produce infrastructure-compatible aviation, gasoline and diesel range liquid hydrocarbons from timber harvest trimmings and sawmill waste.

The Frebird Magnetic Ecosystem uses a unique RAPAM magnetic fastening system (Magnetic and Self-Positioning Magnetic Fasteners). This ecosystem consists of surfaces (walls, cabinets, furniture) with small precisely located magnets that securely fix Frebird items (frames, decorations, smart appliances, jewelry, work station etc.).

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