In this study an attempt has been made to understand the effect of Various Piston Profiles on the performance and emission characteristics in a combustion engine, providing an opportunity to reduce noise pollution, emission of harmful particulates, smoke, increasing the mileage & performance.

Abating global warming will require capture of CO2 from existing facilities such as power plants. However, existing carbon capture processes are too costly mainly because of the excessive power necessary to compress flue gas,

Environmental issues including ozone layer depletion have become a significant issue because of vanishing natural resources and CO2 emissions according to sustainable use of fossil fuels during industrialization processes.

The Vertical Axis Waters Turbine (VAWT) is a device, simple in construction and which gives an appreciable output.

It is known that vertical flight is very costly from an energy point of view. To avoid the same disadvantage during forward flight it is obviously recommended to use mainly the wings to produce lift instead of the air impulse. This increases the efficiency,

Americans LEAD the world in FOOD WASTE. 1/4 of what is produced in the U.S. goes to waste. Our project utilizes 2 of the top 10 sources of waste: fruit and eggs. Eggs and fruit are used to build plastic-like structures that are biocompatible and biodegradable.

We have occurrences of weather in various parts of the country where flooding occurs. The Midwest has basements that can flood. The South and East have whole communities that flood from storms and hurricanes. Conditions are unsafe for the occupants and any rescue workers.

Forest dwellers (Tribal) are dependent on forest for their livelihood. Wild life safari provides a much needed source of sustainable income without dislodging them from their environment. However, the vehicular movement causes pollution at highly ecosensitive places. Presently, a 4x4 army disposal vehicle is used for this purpose.

Our company, Potential Difference Inc., is now commercializing a new electric vehicle generator innovation that reverses the electric vehicle (EV) regenerative braking paradigm and introduces Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration.

New propulsion type with thrust augmenter and new VTOL aircraft

The present concept aims to improve the disk loading value with around 15 - 20% and to reduce noise with around 20% over current ducted fan propulsion systems. This increases the hover efficiency and reduces the power requirement.

I want to create a dream world…I want to make every person and race in the whole wide world equal and united by making all human equally good looking and equally intelligent. For realizing that dream, I have invented a new Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy and a gene manipulation technology.

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