A robotic hand is basically sensors with high degrees of repeatability, precision, and reliability and thus sensors play an important role in a robotic hand. Flex sensor and accelerometer are such devices, which accomplish the above task with a great degree of accuracy.

Sustainable energy is becoming an obsession to the world. Because of not only the fact that renewable energy would impact the economics but also a clean source of energy will save our environment.

Electric fans are used to move air across vehicle engine and/or air conditioning heat exchangers (radiators) at low speeds or while the vehicle is stopped in traffic.

The amount of garbage produced by the world’s urban dwellers is growing at an astonishing clip.

A new image processing technology, nearest neighbor deconvolution (US Patent 7912307), is able to enhance image spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit.

This technology rewrites the point spread function (PSF) with nearest neighbor model, applies the Shift Theory in Fourier domain,

Thanks to a bio-mimetic design idea, promoting a novel self-assisting/self-advancing feature, penetrating into soft and hard formations is foreseen to be performed with more reliability, less energy consumption, less maintenance, less required component and weight for the drill and hopefully less structural integrity concerns.

In Africa and other countries where the source of water is located a long distance from home, people must carry the heavy water in various containers.

Harvesting energy efficiently is of paramount importance to maximize energy production efficiency. In order to produce energy freely I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research.

We are designing an eVTOL system which can act as a Personal Flying Ship or as an Air Taxi in the Busiest Cities in the World.


Secure and track your money transactions, company lockers, documents, files and credentials, record using Expense Tracker.

Expense tracker app not only allows you to know your balance in different accounts, but also has features like make a transaction, withdrawal or deposit amount with any account.

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