This is a box of 8" x 4" x 2".

In electrical systems, it is desirable to have earth connection to the body of the device operated. This earth is available in three wire single phase systems. In two wire systems this is not there.

New Innovation to improve Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation by creating smart gates for storm water inlets that are sensitive to rain (open and close) automatically when required to restrict sand from flooding these inlets during or before rain.

Temperature being a very important concern to all warm blooded animals including human beings, every animal has its own temperature regulation mechanism to tolerate and/or adapt to the varying environmental temperatures.

In this concept will make a motor Electric Car more energy efficient and longer running. First we will make the air tube under the car the size 10 ft L x 4 ft W x 10 in H.

EAS device full absolute time same code structure that uses a true full absolute time protocol. This improvement will better guarantee absolute time from year to year as well as preventing bad BLU or WTE BLA CEA alerts.The solution is simple.

Easadeck EAS alert system with advanced advanced artificial intelligence logic and certificate authentication system.

A portable steamer that can turn water to steam in a split second and further help improve coughing and phlegmatic retention problems of lungs.

With the worsening of air pollution, our lungs generate sputum to isolate particles from invading as a self-protection when polluted air is inhaled.

An easy peel Deo is a paper-based deodorant container wherein you can peel the container for better usage. It is composed of a recyclable paper formed in a cylindrical tube with slice strips dashed lines.

Ecopot is a planter with built-in composting.

Urban organic wastes is a toxic polluting problem globally. Landfills don't accept organics now. Composting is slow, needing time, labor & cost. Why not grow vegetable plants directly from organic wastes, increase food, O2, save the environment?

ecoSPEARS is a technology conceptualized by NASA to bring a sustainable, long-term solution to PCB remediation in worldwide water supplies.

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