Fuel Quality Sensors (fuelbox): digital and real time fuel scanners for captive fleet and long term rental B2B markets:

The arrival of stricter regulations and the impact of the various scandals that continue to shake the automotive world make the introduction and then the spread of a set of

<Motivation and Innovation>
Antenna miniaturization has been one of the fundamental challenges for decades. Conventional small antennas use electric current for radiation which relies on electromagnetic wave resonance that leads to antenna sizes comparable to the electromagnetic wavelength. Here we demonstrated a new antenna miniaturization mechanism,

After years of research, I was able to scientifically explain and develop ancient Hindu art of Maya (vision by displaying images on air). It’s a method to illuminate air by thinking. Ancient Hindu sacred texts and epics are filled with narration of This kind of communication and display technologies,

With increase in car, bike and automobile industry all over the world and more demand for petrol and diesel in industrial use,

After years of research I (Diji N J) was able to scientifically explain art of levitation of yogis.

Diamagnetic materials can be repelled,(in a non-uniform field Diamagnetic materials are repelled from the region of greater magnetic field) and magnetic materials can be attracted by strong magnetic field.

Design Statement:
Vehicle can run on the road, hover and fly in the air.

Design has following parts:
Seating, Payload, Extended Portion and Impeller cabins or compartments, fold-able wings that mounted at the sides of vehicles body (in option).
Rotary seats and payload capsules.
Impeller, perforated sheet for air entrance,

Road transportation, as an important requirement of modern society, is presently hindered by restrictions in emission legislations as well as the availability of petroleum fuels, and as a consequence, the fuel cost.

Every year there are countless instances, in both civilian and military situations, where a patient sustains a gaping wound: One where the edges of the wound are being pulled away from one another.

Green treasures paving bricks/slabs solve the problem of environmental pollution through innovative technology because they are manufactured from waste polymers and recycled tyres that are clogging drainage systems and littering the environment.

The guided best fit of luggage in the trunk is an application which integrates with the infotainment system of the car. The application requires an internet connection to procure trunk details of the cars and luggage.

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