The technical solution refers to the device of the catamaran, which allows, due to the energy of the sun, wind, and chemical energy, to move cargo and passengers during sea transportation.

FEM-12 an Aqueous High Temperature Fire Fighting Agent (AHTFFA) that can extinguish composite materials, metal fires with temperatures that reach 2,000 F to 8,000 F degrees, rubber tires, and wheel rim fires. The environmentally safe agent rapidly extinguishes the fire,

The persistence of insecticides and pesticides in the soil have made the availability of healthy food scarce on the Earth. The project focus on a sustainable solution to various problems in agriculture and food. The features of the projects have been listed below.

The JNX-1000 is an air bearing fast axis capable of 20g acceleration and 1000 micrometers of travel at a frequency of 100Hz and is specifically designed to cut non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Very fast ultra-precision eddy current sensors are used for position feedback.

Drivers relying on just a cell phone and the 911 system do not have a complete safety net. A visual cry for help is always legal. Expert first responders recognize that “simple” is best for saving lives. My rugged and patented answer is a license plate frame that,

The Fiber Optic Augmented Reality System (FOARS) enhances the user-friendliness of NASA’s award-winning Fiber Optic Sensing System (FOSS) by vividly displaying the strain experienced by the object being monitored.

Currently, there is a lack of unmanned aerial vehicles that are being used with the purpose of extinguishing fires. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Its flight can be controlled autonomously by computers in the vehicle,

This project is aimed on design of mechanically efficient wing drive train, which allows power extraction from air flows around an apparatus.

The design of practical flapping wing apparatuses is a long time human dream.

Attempted designs, so far, are aimed mostly on improving the aerodynamics of ornithopters and entomopters.

Flexagon is a conceptual, shape shifting furniture and a home for 3 people.

6 tetrahedrons connected in all sides where the volume in each tetrahedron is divided into 4 compartments. The whole furniture can be wrapped around itself, inwards or ourwards in 4 orientations.

New "Helix" flexible-display wrapped around moving 3D objects to illuminate pixels that “project” a FLAT-plane image relative to a camera observation point or just human observation. Applications: Make structure transparent, wear as clothing, and wearable wrist helix with more display.

This invention teaches prior art of bendable,

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