The Problem:

About 2 million people around the world die each year of diseases preventable by widely used vaccines. In Africa and parts of Asia over half of all vaccines that require refrigeration spoil before they can be administered.

Could we save the life of people from ongoing uncertainty explosive elements through mobile devices?
Here it is an idea to enhance the use of mobile devices by using both a Wireless Sensor Network and Mobile Network.
Now-a-days, as every person has a mobile device,

Storage To-Go

The proliferation of low power, large capacity, small form factor, external hard disk drives into consumer electronic products will be the largest growth areas over the next few years according to market analysts. These go-anywhere,

Our reliance on fossil fuels has been a problem for generations and in the near future we will see a global crisis resulting from this dependence.

A new approach for enhancing joints’ properties based on the epoxysiliconorganic glue by simultaneously integrating micro- and nanosized fillers into a glue formulation has been proposed. It has been revealed that it results in a more than threefold increase in the glue joint’s thermoresistability.

The original idea was to make a small axial generator to fit on top of existing “Whirly Bird” axial roof ventilators. However,

When the wind blows at 10mph it has eight times as much energy as at 5mph. At 10mph, traditional wind generators generate approximately twice as much as at 5mph. There is a lot of energy in the wind that is not utilized.

PURPOSE: The World Health Organization estimates depressive disorder as a serious threat to the health of more than 120 million people worldwide, which affects all ages and both sexes [1].

If anything good could be said about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it would be that it has alerted us to our unpreparedness. It is my intention to remedy that with this device.

Sustainable energy sources, like wind and solar, are not as easily controlled as coal and oil. Powering the American economy off its environment requires an advanced computer system pulling in massive amounts of data, churning that data into a national model predicting both energy supply and need,

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