We are now farther from the year that humans first landed on the Moon than we are from the year that the maximum number of human beings will be alive on the Earth.

A Symbiotic Structural Health Monitoring and
Structural Control System for Resilient Highway Bridges

Our transportation infrastructure is subjected to many natural and man-made hazards as well as daily traffic loadings. For this reason,

Examination of many computer programs reveals that only a few logic structures are involved and that these could be placed on a device such as the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). This led to the development of the concept of a computer without machine code.

The invention addresses the technical aspects of electricity generating plants, specifically wind power plants.

This stroller is eco-friendly made from recycled materials.Unique in the way that it is operated and the way it moves in response to its one of a kind ergonomic design with total flexibilty in mind.

Home air conditioning systems could get a boost in cooling efficiency by using swamp cooling technology.

One of the byproducts of air conditioning in the home is water, which is condensed on the evaporator core which cools the internal air. Rather than dumping or pumping this water away,

The Base-Model volume is roughly 26-28 cu.ft. and can have a 4-6 Inch riser platform secured to the base supports for a 74.0 inch.

Quit for All Addictions is a device and method that provides relief for those addicted to Nicotine, Drugs, Obesity and sufferers from stress.

The benefit of this product is the natural and safe relief for sufferers of the conditions mentioned above.

This is an adaptation of an ancient system used in the Peruvian Andes to filter solids and transport water since 5,000 years ago. It makes use of two free forces of nature, adhesion and gravity via the well known capillarity and siphon effects using fiber filled conduits.

This device, when attached to a ladder, keeps it from falling or sliding off of walls. Its secure spring loaded clamp allows the stabilizer to be attached to two rungs of a ladder. Through simple manipulation,

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