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As urban density increases, traffic is becoming a problem that requires new and innovative solutions. Adding additional lanes is not sustainable in most cities as spare real estate becomes impossible to find. The Superway is a public transportation system that aims to allow personalized,

Swift Tram is an emerging rapid transit system that will get people from their starting points to their destinations more enjoyably than any other transit alternative available today. Swift’s automated (driverless) system is elevated, completely avoiding pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles, and stoplights, and offering views of the world below.

A practical electric vehicle direct drive traction motor must be capable of accelerating into traffic from rest, be able to run at highway speeds, be capable of regenerative breaking and running in reverse.

This system takes advantage of a piezoelectric transducer that produces electrical energy from mechanical stress. The vibration produced by the automobile is absorbed by the shock absorber and transferred to piezoelectric material. The experimental setup consists of spring based shock absorber, piezoelectric crystal.

The problem:
Speeding is a major cause of traffic deaths. According to the U.S. census of 2009, 33,808 traffic fatalities that year were directly attributable to speeding [1]. Some automotive insurances are implementing programs to improve the driving habits of their customers,

The need to update our power infrastructure is well documented. How we update it will determine our productivity and energy efficiency for decades to come. It has been many years since any major investment in new infrastructure.

* The Core Technology of Green Industry Trend
Electric vehicles (EV), thanks to their environment favoring feature, have risen as a next generation vehicle on the market. However, EVs are still in a developing phase since there are many technical problems such as short battery life,

The purpose of the anti-collision system is significant reduction a number of traction vehicles collisions, especially the collisions caused by hitting the rear of the preceding vehicle, which are often caused by the inattention of the driver.

Abstract of "The Solution to the Gas Turbine Temperature Problem" by Ronald W. Satz in Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 20, pp. 49-63. All previous Brayton cycle engines have utilized a separate compressor and expander and thus have been limited in temperature on the expander side.

It is quite inefficient to have a whole train and all i's passengers stop at every station, even though only a small fraction of passengers enter and leave on each station. Also,

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