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Smart Speed limit Display (SSD.Display safety speed limit information to passing drivers. SSD has build in sensors which working on the specific preprogrammed traffic algorithms to calculate the safe speed by detecting number of cars, road driving condition, cars speed, car breaks lights and time of day.

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has a positive effect on driving safety, fuel consumption and tire lifetime. Unfortunately, not all vehicles are equipped with this device and it is more or less impossible (or too expensive) to install any existing TPMS afterwards.

A solar powered high speed transportation system that will connect every city in the USA within 10 years. the SKY TRAM system will be less expensive ,more economical to construct and operate,safer and immune to most of the problems the other systems have.

The Solo high performance, single seat vehicle exists to explore new ideas in personal transportation. The product of many years experience in the high-performance automotive, aircraft and composite materials industries, the Solo is ultra-light, highly fuel efficient and offers performance,

Aware of the mobility problems faced by the 24/7 persons in megacities, a new line of research is explored in order to envision a respectful commuting.

In pursuit of holistic design, this project suggests to encourage lifestyles that stimulate harmony and coherence between the individual enjoyments and collective privileges.

The present invention relates to a space launch vehicle used for launching spacecraft. Said vehicle uses a magnetic levitation system in order to reduce friction since the vehicle floats above rails, like a bullet train.

The design is specially made for physically challenged people (without hands). This vehicle allows them to drive and control it by legs alone. The foot driven vehicle resembles a standard vehicle which is modified to meet special needs. In this vehicle the important functions like steering control, acceleration,

In snowy conditions, Regular tire snow chains were attached to tires to provide maximum traction when driving through snow and ice.

It is suitable only on snow with max speed of 5okm/h(30mile/h), wearable on asphalt, as well as sliding when braking.

Tension adjustment required for chain, if not,

This was designed keeping the differently enabled people in mind. Objective of project is to design a new mechanism which climbs the stairs.

It works on the principle that on the rotation of a specially designed tri-axial frame the wheelchair climbs stairs without any external aid.

Purpose: reliable (flexible) car for work and other tasks.

A reliable car that can be repaired quickly after an accident or breakdown is needed, without unnecessary waiting for untypical car parts.

1.Applying standardized elements and sub-assemblies causes possibility of immediate repair in case of a breakdown.

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