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IC engines consume most of our oil. Majority is used for moving people-passenger cars the worst. To reduce the oil produced the entire system needs to be optimized. A car, for example,

The goal of my design is to explore the use of the latest technologies in both clean energy and advanced materials to create a future concept which can effectively demonstrate the use of said technologies.

Tractional Stability Control System for Automobiles is an innovation that has been specifically designed to provide stability to the vehicle during extreme maneuvers like high-speed cornering. This innovation can prove as one of the most effective safety installations in an automobile.

Tram-car indicator - the device is mounted on a tram and a car. Tram indicator sends a signal to the car of the tram stop when the driver of the car does not see this because of another car standing. Then, the device stops the car by force.

"Optimal" engines for general aviation (GA) and "flying cars."

PROBLEM: Freedom of movement characterizes the essential quality of human life. However, we are limited in movement: our cars are attached to roads and bridges,

Driving a car with an automatic gearbox requires transferring the right foot from one pedal to the other, which takes about 0.4 seconds. Over that interval, at 75 mph,

Even today, the two cycle engines are applied in motorcycles, tools, boats and every gear that need a mix of high power and low maintenance engines.

In the most simple case these engines needs that the lubricant oil goes mixed with the fuel.

The HVAC of a vehicle today plays a major role in energy consumption, being the second highest aggregate to consume the battery and power, thereby reducing the fuel efficiency and charge, in either petrol/ diesel or hybrid EV's.

Also it is a heavy unit,

My invention is a typical lead acid battery with contacts located underneath. What this allows is ease of connecting such batteries within all sorts of vehicles. Simply drop it in and contact is made. No more pigtails to contend with that are difficult to clean, remove and install.

The underwater tunnels is the large and expensive idea that can change the way of living for the millions of people on the planet.

During the last century the construction of bridges was the major business for the any of the most known world economies.

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