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Reduction of Fuel Wastage (Gasoline)
Variable Idle Lean Burn Injector
Variable Thermo Charge Idle Feed Back
Moisture/Methanol Control In Gasoline &
Engine Cooling by Dashboard Blower Motor (Winter)

Idle Engine Running (Fuel Wastage)

Idle Engine Running: Particularly in Gasoline Engines,

• A Road map with Two cars with Reverse Head lights installed
• Additional Reverse Head Light(9 and 10) can be fixed on all vehicles to avoid Accidents on Highway or on single roads
• If two cars are going in opposite direction with head lights on,

This design is a four rotor internal combustion engine. It rotates a single shaft which transfers the engine power to the clutch/transmission. The purpose of this engine design is to build a simple and efficient engine.

Wing sails generate greater power and provide easier control than any other type of sail in existence and are getting into wider use where their current designs are applicable – especially in sailboat races. With their higher efficiency and better handling in harnessing available wind for propulsion,

There is a shift to better pollution control norms in the automotive sector. To address this issue in diesel vehicles & trucks, it is essential that the fuel tanks used are of non shedding type & this invention focuses on large roto moulded fuel tanks made out of plastic.

Satellites Authorize a "Go" for Vertical Takeoffs:
An 'Automated' Air Traffic Control System Concept

The Next Generation Air Transportation System or NextGen is implementing or plans to implement a satellite-based air-traffic control system across the United States.

Gasoline engines with separately operating injectors, for the direct injection of fuel in each cylinder, represent the present state-of-the-art.

The back end of a Semi Trailer, in motion, creates a low pressure condition increasing the drag of the complete unit resulting in a fuel economy reduction. The length of the overall vehicle prohibits the addition of air deflectors to partially reduce this condition.

The Opposed Piston WAISSI ENGINE Provides Better Geometry and Inertia, Higher Maximum Piston Pressure, Lower Internal Friction than Any Comparably Sized Combustion Engine even the F-1 Engine

* The WAISSI ENGINE has the simplest possible opposed cylinder, opposed piston design. The design employs an integrated piston, driveshaft, crankdisk,

The statement is to express my ideas in design,

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