The global population is growing at a compounding 1.3% rate. Society has begun to identify and work toward the need to maintain resource sustainability. A conglomeration of high school FIRST robotics teams will resolve these concerns with an automated renewable energy powered electric tractor, The Automated G.

In our project, we propose an innovative software solution to the problem of electrical arcing risk prediction in high-voltage on-board electronic equipment intended for long-term self-contained use, like spacecraft conditions.

How does it work?

All vending machines consist of two major parts: electrical and mechanical. Initially the customer swipes his/her identity card containing their unique code. This card is scanned by the RFID reader; if it is accepted then the electrical interface consisting of 8051 microcontroller,

In every automobile, the function of the headlight is to illuminate the road ahead from a safe distance. At the same time, it should cause minimum discomfort for drivers coming from the opposite side. In order to achieve this,

In a developing nation with a large population, the agricultural sector has its own importance in terms of revenue and food security. Modern methods of farming are not economically and technically feasible with small farms in the country side.

NAME: Automatic Lifting Squatting Toilet

PROBLEM SOLVED: Hemorrhoids, hard stools, constipation
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Growing demand of energy is almost everywhere, leading people to think of using it more efficiently. In this regard, we are proposing the auto-light unit, which has many pros over the existing similar products in the market.

Above mentioned PIR sensor based automatic light,

Over the past ten years there has been an enormous increase in road accidents, where millions of people left their souls on the roads and it’s due to speeding and avoiding safety gear like seat belts.

So to avoid this we designed smarter and intuitive technology.

Automotive Brake Vibration and Squealing Suppression Analysis

Methods in Simulation Design Stage

The brake vibration and squealing problem has been investigated from its occurrence mechanism to systematical analysis method by my group since 1984. The brake system eigenvalue matrix is a non symmetric one due to its frictional coupling


The ideal Automotive Waste Heat Recovery (AWHR) system needs to be compact, cheap to mass produce and ultimately provide an efficiency improvement that significantly outweighs its cost.

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