How it works: The Simbodie PRO is an operable, artificial ‘patient’ that provides medical educators with a high fidelity, adaptable, safe, tether-less full-body manikin that can deliver surgical training opportunities in austere emergency training environments. The Simbodie PRO can be cut open,

Reusable noodle soup bag that can easily separate soup and noodles, and can rapidly mix them for an enjoyable meal.

The most annoying issue of taking out noodles soup is that noodles will be immersed in soup and soaked up the soup after arriving home.

Invented by Dr. Nicholas A. Sanders, the recently patented Tangent Drive(TM) mechanism realizes an energy efficiency increase upwards of 25% when replacing a crankshaft in any reciprocating system, including engines, compressors, generators, and pumps.

Peatlands are very important for the earth. According to the website www.iucn.org, damaged peatlands are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, annually releasing almost 6% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Peatland restoration can therefore bring significant emissions reductions.

In climates that endure cold and freezing temperatures, a common problem is the need to "deice" windshields before safely driving. In this invention, a pair of comparative temperature sensors would monitor glass temp, and if activated,

The ©Fire Brigade® is COMING!

Each year, thousands of lives are lost to needless fires. Families are devastated, homes are destroyed, and yet, this video gaming concept booklet CAN/WILL help save countless numbers of these blessed, graceful lives, IF ONLY
parents will allow their children to "read it,

Automation might not fundamentally change the value of the car and it will not make the driver obsolete, but it will create new conditions for personal transportation. The autonomous car enhances safety and the quality of the driving experience and it enriches the time we spend in cars.

Space travel is time-consuming and expensive. Thus, a “Common Habitat” that can be used by crew in microgravity (transit), one-sixth of Earth’s gravity (the lunar surface), and three-eighths of Earth’s gravity (the Martian Surface) with minimal adjustments to the internal configuration is ideal.

The concept ESP (Energy Saving Pod) Aesthetically and Technically designed as:

1. Two seater Lightweight Mobility work in either Drive battery (Mode B) or other fuel sources
Mode (O) for ((Petrol, Diesel, Ethanol) with high efficiency designed low rpm and high output Alternator.
2.. Compact,

The Ergo Spout is the world's first ergonomic spout and handle for Mason jars transforming a common household item into a comfortable and useful pouring pitcher. The Ergo Spout prevents slippery jars by providing a firm place to grip and pour without touching the glass.

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