In the Internet of Things era, electronics with ultralow power consumption are greatly sought after. In order to implement a microprocessor, basic logic gates and computing blocks are required. We propose a run-time reprogrammable micro-resonator-based device that can be used to implement a compact,

Ultralight Bike - world record, 2,767 grams.

An innovative bicycle, perfectly functional at 1/1 size, equipped with a mechanical gearbox (patented), with electronic control and speed change.

We want to revolutionize the way people experience coffee!

In the US alone, there are more than 38 million people that drink coffee “on-the-go.” Those people are spending almost US $2000 and more than 120 hours per year just going out to buy coffee. Also,

Underground hydrocarbon spills (approximately 10m) are common, generated in hundreds each year worldwide. They are mainly due to the wear and tear of pipelines in the oil industry,


1. A static Non-Volatile Random-Access-Memory (NVRAM) made up of a Magneto-Optical or an Optical or any other recordable, erasable, and re-recordable media, in the square/rectangular form factor without requiring any rotational motion that can be written to and read from optically.

A universal hydroponic system has been an elusive dream since before Walt Disney had a vision for EPCOT in the 1950’s. Figuring out how to do it has been no small task. To quote Steve Jobs: “

New multimedia language
We are still dealing with words, whose communicative system is writing based on the pen, now keyboard, as the main instrument and reflecting a six thousand years old technology, writing. The scope is to communicate a concept, an idea, an order, anything.

The solution for today’s issue is a habitat dependent on the international energy and water grid.

In automobile engineering there are many kinds of engines which have been manufactured by different companies but there are several problems that arise in engines like less power output, low efficiency, high altitude, mileage pick up, more fuel consumption, less torque, more exhaust etc.

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