It’s all about the effective management of resources. Limited resources of water. The high cost of fertilizers. Amount of fertilizer. Amount of water for crop management. 

Usually the farmer pumps the water more or less to cultivate the land,

The Hydro Sub is a new design for submarines that will reduce the cost of making the submarines, reduce the weight of the submarine itself, while at the same time increasing its strength. This would enable faster production times and using less materials.

I came up with my Lenticular Box as a low-tech geometric photographic proof of the inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck technologies that can be applied to a high-tech scenario in the form of my Light-Interface concept and resulting Light-Interface System.

This project is a conceptual design of a rotating garden wall concept named "MiracleW all." This wall, when unlocked, can be rotated 180 degrees manually or by mechanical means. With planters attached to the wall,

We have invented a non-invasive sensor capable of identifying the unique gait signatures of cannabis and alcohol impaired subjects as well as those of Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer's syndrome and related conditions. Moreover, by employing proprietary sensor data processing algorithms,

Introducing the Up! App
One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today is machine downtime. When a machine goes down, it’s costing a company revenue, profit and reputation. There are also often long wait times to receive service.

A win-win for service requesters and providers
The Up!

The wind turbine with a contour tracer has turbine blades spinning around their own axis while orbiting around the central shaft vertically positioned on a horizontal rigid basement. A pair of hubs is mounted on bearings to the central shaft,  positioned apart,

Given the late and recent tragedies the need arises to render a firearm useless in certain areas. Here is a solution
to control where these weapons can be used and where they cannot.

Figure COLORS: A roller chain in prior art is a way of transmitting mechanical power from one place to another through linear links (like on a bicycle chain) arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line “linear movement”

The intake system is one of the crucial sub-systems in an engine. The geometrical configuration of the inlet ports and the valves and their opening schedule create organized motions in the cylinder,

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