The traffic light – a new style:
informative, economical, convenient

The classical variant of traffic lights (three color signals in an identical circular shape) exists for more than one hundred years.

City without chimneys

A. Problem:
Communal systems for removal and reprocessing of wastes of two types - liquid (municipal sewage lines) and solid (collection and removal of wastes) - are operated in populated localities. Gas emissions are produced by each economic entity individually.

1) How it works
a. This system replaces the clutch system for manual transmissions with a locking torque converter, variable vane oil pump, and a clutch pack which will operate as the clutch system for a manual transmission.

NASA Langley is developing Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Requests (TASAR). TASAR features a cockpit automation system that monitors for potential flight trajectory improvements and displays them to the pilot. These wind-optimized flight trajectory changes are pre-cleared of potential conflicts with other known airplane traffic, weather hazards,

In our region we have many major power outages after storms go through the area. The last major storm affected over 700,000 people. Traffic signals in high traffic areas were not working for days.


We are able to view the train schedule after selecting the station, view the routes between the stations by selecting the start and end destination, view the map, and know about the various geographical features of the place the train is crossing through like the rivers,

"Transluctance" conveys the Transfer (or shift) in reluctance of a rotating magnetic field (RMF) disposed of a prime number of equally distributed coils via excitation shift of one only coil at a time.

No-Access Armor transparent polymer is a revolution in construction and provides increased safety while reducing weight/maintenance. Traditional safety glass is heavy, difficult to cut, fragments when impacted, yellows/delaminates over time, and is limited in applications.

No-Access Armor (NAA) is ballistic/tornado/hurricane-resistant, load-bearing,

Technological Features of our Innovation:
Transparent conducting oxide (TCO) being developed by us enables the p-type conductivity.

NASA's Langley Research Center has developed an inexpensive, long endurance vertical takeoff and landing UAV. It is capable of flying for 24 hours, landing in a 50 x 50 zone, and can be loaded into the back of a cargo van for easy transport. In addition,

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