Sustainable Energies is now one of the prominent ways forward to solve the energy crisis and hence we present our idea based on Tidal Energy recovery and conversion to electrical energy via means of High Head Turbines.

Utility vehicles are common in many parts of the world, especially in rural areas. They are used by farmers, conservation companies, fishermen and game bird hunters. They may be supplied with covers for the load deck made from canvas, alloy or fiberglass,

Firearm safety is a nationwide crisis in the United States, where an average of 96 people die every day from a firearm incident (https://everytownresearch.org/gun-violence-by-the-numbers/).

Cargo theft in the United States is rampant. The FBI estimates between $3 and $10 billion annually. A disturbing number of these thefts (40% by some estimates) involve driver and warehouse personnel complicity.


Vehicle Emission Test Protocols are Overestimating Internal Combustion Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions and Misleading Environmental Policy

For over 40-years laboratory emission test protocols, used worldwide, for light- and heavy-duty vehicles (and engines) have excluded the ambient air pollution consumed (and reduced) by the tested vehicle.

Energy for transportation vehicles is undergoing a transformation from gas to electricity - why and how does this happen? The primary drivers for 'why' are:
1) Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations require 40+ mpg with gas vehicles @ 25 mpg,

Vehicle plate Barcode System (VPBS)

In modern society, speed of information circulation is increasingly critical. Responding to this need, I have designed a project that serves both police and citizens in saving time, security and effort.

This project aims to develop a security system on all vehicles;

EPA's mandated vehicle emission systems, patented in 1959, evolved from a platinum Catalytic Converter (C.C.), to 2 way and since model year 1981, to a 3 way C.C. design. What the EPA does not want you to know is that its 3 way C.C. “converts” 1. targeted emissions,

Smart charging system for electric vehicles using cloud based monitoring and management is demonstrated in this work. xEVs (electric plugin hybrid, battery electric vehicles) Charging Management System is crucial for the dynamic demands of charging infrastructure, namely perspectives from automakers, electricity providers, vehicle owners and charging service providers.

The VForce® invention is a major evolutionary step in fixed wing aircraft development. High lift devices (flaps/slats) have not significantly changed since the invention of the Fowler Flap by H D Fowler in 1924.

The invention provides a lighter,

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