• new eye-glasses spray neutrilizer, eye issues solved instantly
• multi-eye issues solver
• enhance eye sight/ vision or eyes discomforts/ pain/ irritation, continuous healing eye blinking
• healing eye inflammation/ wounds/ eye bleeding
• eye therapy/ Vision therapy: improve visual skills and abilities;

Recently, the network transportation system has been susceptible to natural disturbances. These issues has been discussed widely and there have been numerous proposals and studies for assessment, forecasting and implementation of mitigation flash flood for urban network transportation. However,

Generating additional force by morphing of rigid sails will provide a significant advantage in reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Shipping is a major contributor of emissions (pollutants) such as greenhouse gases and VForce® technology reduces this and helps save the earth’s finite resources.

Suppose we suddenly break ground in solving the most complicated problems in science - health care and so on. Suppose, for example,

Our leading edge wrap is designed to protect the leading edge of the main wing and horizontal stabilizer. Made of flexible heavy duty vinyl with foam padding inserts. Soft backing to prevent scratching. The wrap prevents damage and scratches from machines, ladders and lifts.

Using a new FAST LiDAR system with no moving parts, the first of its kind, very fast moving debris can be tracked, identified by material composition, and eventually mitigated by robotics systems employing magnetics and forceps. The complete system will integrate with current technology available in use.

A means of achieving nearly zero coefficient of friction

The sliding surfaces are each coated with a reactive material, in nano capsules or in some cases merely absorbed in a microporous surface.

The main goal of the developed Hypersonic UAV (HUAV) will be its use as a test platform for studying such a layout and the subsequent creation of a multifunctional cargo vehicle or a booster aircraft for a spacecraft.

Currently, it is not possible to live without electricity. Our lifestyles influence this resource consumption. Indeed, each one of us with his attitude and mores imposes a certain profile to electrical consumption. This project aims to develop a solution that allows smart remote measurements of electricity consumption.


There is no precise digital record of prior surgery. Consequently, patient safety suffers when follow-up surgery is required days, months and years later. Legacy out-of-date “analog” operative dictations are often imprecise, vague, incorrect, and obsolete. As a result,

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