There has been much research on computer vision for the purpose of vehicle safety applications, making use of diverse methodologies like complex vision algorithms. However, despite its effectiveness,

• A complete solution for Cleaning, produced with latest design on a Turkish Towel.
• A must for every, Households, Hotels, Messes, Paint Shops, Work Shops etc.
• Perfectly Cleans, Utensils, whether black or oily or dirty, Pots and Ovens, Stove and Tools, Machinery, or Tiles and Floors,

The bioethanol-reactor aims to combine the delignification and SSF process simultaneously in a single reactor. Function of this tool is to reduce levels of lignin, and also used in the saccharification and fermentation of lignocellulosic materials.This reactor is designed to produce second generation of bioethanol.

The objective of this project is to understand, manipulate and enhance the dexterity of a robotic hand, and its controlling by various methods (in our case, a potentiometer fitted Exoskeleton Glove).

Our project may be a useful alternative for people who have lost their arm.

Nowadays, wastewater treatment plants should not be considered as just treatment systems, but rather as a factory at which value-added by-products can be produced without any extra cost. In this context, activated sludge bacteria can produce special lipids known as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) that are potential bio-plastics;

Birds are susceptible to noise as are other animals such as dogs, deer, etc. The object of this concept is to develop a low/high frequency generator and antenna system which can be integrated onto an aircraft which does not interfere with existing operating systems.

Bladeless Wind Turbine

Every year windmills kill 573,000 birds in the US according to the Associated Press. By some estimates the total number of birds and bats killed worldwide every year runs into several millions.

The proposed project is about generation of instantaneously Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) [2] to deflect or damp the blast load of the high explosive explosions. This method can be used as standard countermeasure against any type of warfare explosions.

BLiNKZ is an eye-controlled, computer vision aided, wirelessly networked, mobile information device, housed in the familiar form of a pair of eyeglasses.
Once manually turned on, four backward-facing cameras track the eye movements of the user, allowing the wearer to control the interface on the interactive,

In process control and industrial automation the electronics are built into panels. For safety reasons these panels must be closed in order to operate.

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