A Novel High Efficiency Variable Inlet Area Propulsor

The aircraft industry continues to search for a single aircraft capable of both high-speed cruise and efficient take-off and landing.

The planet is getting warmer day by day. Most climatologists regard the final decade of the twentieth century as the warmest in the past millennium. Even minor alterations in global temperature will trigger a series of weather extremities and alter the climatic patterns of the planet.

Although various three-dimensional technologies have been developed in recent years, few are able to display real time 3D images and video from any angle in the same way an object would appear to us in the real world.

For decades work has been carried out to build robots similar to the human body structure but for this purpose a number of complex mechanisms are used. This new concept showcases a simple replication of human structure without a complex mechanism.

Reduction of size and weight and increasing efficiency is of paramount importance to maximize transmission efficiency. In order to make continuous speed ratios and thereby increase efficiency, I have successfully developed a new concept Continuously Variable Transmission after spending several years to research.

Advantages are Compact size,

The present invention achieves the delivery of selected oxygen percentages as chosen by the health care practitioner as required, governed by blood gas analyses and or oxygen data via pulse oximetry.

Climbing robots have been developed and are in use presently. But most of them have been designed and developed for climbing man-made structures such as vertical walls, structural frames and glass windows. Few climbing robots have been designed, for climbing natural structures such as trees,

Device for carrying mobile advertising images in subways

Therefore: it is considered as if it projects a series of images with a bright optical device mounted on a moving body, those images accompany the body to the velocity of same body (vehicle).

My name is Saugat and I am from Nepal. My project entitled “Modification in aircraft wing to increase lift” is theft from the engineering of nature seeing birds flying around the sky. Like humans, birds are the perfect engineering creation of nature.

The Aerospace Integrated Bearing is a design that can only be fabricated by additive manufacturing and which exploits most of the benefits of this technology.

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