Purpose: to show the driver the invisible region, increase the safety of the commission of overtaking, reduce the likelihood of an accident.

A task.
To provide maximum control over the oncoming traffic. Make overtaking as secure as possible.

Going by car behind the truck we do not see what lies ahead. When making overtaking very limited overview of the motorway. In addition, obscuring the left side stand car. The driver has to shift the car dangerously left to look forward to the road.

Assistant when overtaking. Driving his work is as follows. The camera is mounted on the left side mirror. It sends the video on a small screen mounted at the left side of the rack. ...

This technology is an electronic active material that converts a voltage input to a mechanical force and mechanical displacement output. As compared to prior dielectric elastomer (DE) systems, the material has reduced electrode spacing, which lowers significantly the required operating voltage. In addition, the inclusion of a combination of conducting and/or non-conducting reinforcing fibers greatly enhances the strength of the material, without weight penalty.


* Produces actuators with higher force output than previously available
* Produces actuators that contract upon actuation rather than expand, like conventional materials
* Achieves lower operating voltages with more precise electrode spacing
* Can be optimized to provide preferential actuation characteristics, like direction
* Actuators can be coated to ...

Information technology has rapidly advanced its development through these recent years. These developments include faster processors to handle bigger data processing from Internet and cloud connections, to application deployments. But this increase in data processing speed has become a problem for storage devices in data centers and also in personal computers so solid state drives (SSD) were invented to replace hard disk drives (HDD) because solid state storage devices read and write data faster than HDDs. But SSDs are 6 times more expensive than HDDs. 1 terabyte (TB) HDD goes for roughly $69 while 1TB of SSD can go as much as $439.

Because of this huge price difference, I would like to suggest an Asynchronous Read/Write Multihead Multiplatter HDD ...

ATOM-1.0 Humanoid Robot Vision.

It is important in today’s modern age of technology to have pioneers push forward to reach greater achievements. The pioneer must have a vision, determination and not be easily discouraged by lack of project funding or criticism. Without great thinkers whose vision been before their time, where would our current technology stand.

Facing great challenges of pioneering new technologies can be a very painstaking process, not to mention the criticism that is usually part of what the imaginative pioneer must face from peers. One such pioneer is Dan Mathias, a Roboticist whose background entails Engineering degree in the disciplines of Industrial Electronics, Robotics and Control systems and 35+ years of building robots.

The ...

Our Vision and Aim for this Project.

Our vision is to provide each and every user of electricity with the best possible chance of finding a green energy with zero emissions and no environmental impact that can influence our life on earth dramatically.

About the Project.

To build a selfpowered Power Station using contact electrification and water as components to generate a continuous electrical charging current to meet your basic electricity supply needs.

Earth Ambient Temperature Resistant Electricity (ATRE):

This is about the use of simple contact electrification and water component technology in building selfpowered power stations with zero emissions and no environmental impact.
ATRE technology will provide basic electricity generation without the need for a national electricity ...

Humans are polluting our environment. One of the phenomena is throwing garbage here and there while travelling in public transport like buses and trains. When people travel in buses and trains they tend to throw plastic-paper waste (plastic wrappers, coffee cups) either in the vehicle or outside the window which causes problem for cleaners, and it makes the city/surroundings filthy. Dustbins are not mobile plus they have limited capacity.

The proposed design is a DUSTBIN SYSTEM which solves the above problems. It consists of mostly hollow pipe like structures. Dustbin inlets will be provided next to every passenger seat. These inlets will be merged in a common collecting channel (placed along the edges, under the floor), which will be ...

There's a delicate balance between innovation and efficiency. Remaining competitive in the market requires innovation i.e. new products and services; but efficient systems stem from consistency and minimal variation. Therefore inefficiency will remain inherent in any industry. But augmented reality systems mitigate the cost of innovation when implemented and provide unprecedented advances in work design.

MOST practices are highly subjective, time study data is plagued by observation error and bias, especially in processes with low cycle times. Retrieving data from workers is time intensive and requires meticulous observation and analysis by engineers that understand how to conduct a proper time study; and ultimately results have wide confidence intervals that can only estimate the actual process capability. How does an ...

Introduction :

We can use the ‘automatic acceleration’ instead of manual acceleration in cars. The same way we use the automatic gear system in cars, this way we can use auto acceleration. Due to this we can make driving more comfortable and easy.

In racing, this concept may be very useful because in racing cars many manual controls are to be controlled by the racer at a moment. If we use auto acceleration in the racing cars then the racer does not need to control acceleration while racing.

The concept of the auto acceleration is very difficult to produce and implant in vehicles, but if we try for this concept we can make easy driving for not only racing, ...

My conceptual design APC (Auto Power Cell) can power any electrical and electronic appliances without providing fuel or anything else to it. APC consists in its container - one Cl+ ion block , one Cl- ion block, two thin glass layers and a thin layer of N-Type and P-Type semiconductor with band gap in between them. All these components are placed according to the figure.

Working principle:
The large Cl-ion block repels electrons present at the N-Type semiconductor and attracts those electrons by the large Cl+ ion block such that electrons can move through band gap in between N-Type and P-Type semiconductor towards P-Type semiconductor. Then P-Type semiconductor layer becomes negatively charged and N-Type semiconductor layer becomes ...

Water conservation is the need of the hour, but an ample amount of water goes to waste in personal and public tap systems. Automatic taps available on the market (costing approximately $150 or more) are much costlier when compared with traditional taps, adding with their complicated and tedious installation procedure. Proposed automatic tap systems provide a viable, cheap and energy efficient solution to the above mentioned problem.

In proposed automatic tap system (both ceramic and metallic) (fig.) a smart combination of PIR with IR is used for long lasting battery performance (more than a month) for a single charge. A single tap unit consists of an assembly of a battery, sensory circuit and solenoid valve, enveloped in an aesthetic outer look, ...

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