Many developments of hybrid vehicles aim to reduce power of their electric propulsion chain, obviously for economic reasons, but not only. We can also get a better efficiency by reducing the energy transformations and a better safety by decreasing the electric voltage.

As described in a previous contest session, refer to: http://contest.techbriefs.com/2013/entries/transportation-and-automotive/3519, a series-parallel architecture with a dual train (two planetary gear systems) has this purpose. To illustrate, figure 1 compares the vehicle accelerations with a 10 KW dual electric chain to a vehicle with a 20 KW single electric chain. We almost get the same results.

Hybrid vehicles are frequently designed to run also in pure electric mode, but it requires higher electric power than in hybrid mode. ...

Spinal cord injuries often affect leg mobility where recovery requires rather painful and awkward physiotherapy. A device that reduces the discomfort and promotes confidence during rehabilitation is most valuable considering the magnitude of such a trauma. The apparatus suspends the patient in a harness used by mountain climbers in order to provide a comfortable pre-load to the feet and legs. The patient's arms are used to stabilize any reactions caused by foot forces incident to the floor with adjustable arm rests The foot contact forces are controlled electrically by elevating the patient via the harness. The foot contact forces are measured and stored in the readout panel thus providing a therapy management tool in the time ...

The cylinder diameter is typically a few times or more of the stroke. When the piston nears the end of the compression stroke, vertical ridges on the piston, in conjunction with almost mating vertical ridges in the cylinder head, effectively partition the combustion chamber into multiple combustion chambers.

Fig. 1 shows four partitions, each with a valve and two spark plugs.

A rotary start stop mechanism is connected to an external flywheel. The flywheel (operating through the rotary start stop mechanism) supplies energy for compression and absorbs energy from combustion. The rotary start stop mechanism always stops at the same angle relative to itself. Rotating the mechanism about the crankshaft axis also rotates the engine crankshaft stop angle, varying ...

Nowadays, all mobile devices are equipped with a touchscreen. However, most stationary display screens, such as computer monitors, television sets and projector screens are not touchable due to the high cost of touchscreens.

This universal stylus converts all display screens to pen-touchable screens, regardless of their screen size and type. The stylus is inexpensive and it adapts easily to computer monitors, smart televisions and projectors. It can be used for functional control or for drawing on a screen. It can also turn large displays in classrooms or conference rooms into whiteboards.

The stylus system is comprised of a stylus and a base station. Both components are linked by a low power wireless connection. In the stylus, there ...

Now, I will explain about a wheel using an Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect. The YouTube video will help you to understanding the invention.

This wheel generates torque by using the inverse magnetostrictive effect. First, I will explain about the inverse magnetostrictive effect. As the magnetostrictive material, there is an iron-gallium alloy. As with iron, the magnetostrictive material has the property that is attracted to the magnet as shown in Figure 3(b). As shown in Figure 3(c), the property that is attracted to the magnet will be weakened when a stress is applied to the magnetostrictive material.

As shown in Figure 1(b), an inside magnetic flux density varies greatly when the stress is applied to the iron-gallium alloy. For example, the inside ...

This design provides a sustainable transportation solution based on 4th-generation airship technology that can serve remote communities and resource developments year-round and reduce their freight costs.

Approximately 70% of Canada’s landmass lies north of the permanent road-network. In this area the only year-round transport is small airplanes on gravel runways. Temporary ice roads do allow tractor-trailers to bring in heavier supplies, but climate change is shortening their season and decreasing their reliability. Transport airships would provide year-round freight services equivalent to truckloads at roughly one-quarter the cost of airplanes. Airships also require minimal ground infrastructure and can travel anywhere.

Canada has over 125 remote communities scattered across a vast territory. This could provide a base market for the first 50 airships. ...

We made a device which can be attached to a bike. When the user meets with an accident the device sends a message of the coordinates of the location to the nearest ambulance, police station, and a family member.

If we lose our bike, we can send an SMS to the module in the bike it sends back the coordinates of the bike and in a map we will get the location of bike and its distance from us.

Goal is:
To reduce the response time from accident location to hospital to reduce the time of arrival of ambulance.

To make data authentic for insurance claims and other official activities related to an accident.

Analysis ...

ACCORD-Stinger Semi-trailer saving fuel due to “GAP” Reduction @ 422 gals/foot
Projected savings 1688 Gals fuel per unit/year just by reducing tractor/trailer “GAP”
Design adds 20% more cargo space, improves maneuverability approximately 50%
Will eliminate major damage to expensive tractor cab due to full jackknife
Makes for a safer more stable tractor/semi-trailer with longer wheelbase
Driver back pain winding dolly jacks reduced because of airride pusher axle
Patented universal d-TRAIN 5th wheel compound hitch tractor package
Patent Pending ACCORD-Stinger Semi-trailer
Integration with existing fleet

Roycebuilt Rear engine Tractor with d-TRAIN 5th Wheel Compound Hitch is
designed to complement the ACCORD-Stinger semi-trailer. This design is unique in this class of truck offering ease of servicing, is ...

I have applied for patent in Canada; the Brushless_Motor_in_Activate_Relax_States (BMiARSs:2706688) at http://brevets-patents.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/patent/2706688/summary.html?type=number_search

It is comprised of two main systems. The first is the motor that can operate in the range of 95 Celsius in the presence of water vapor with the objective to accelerate the blending of the medium temperature to obtain a medium with controllable temperature that contains the fast foods in delivery. The second system is related to the said controllable temperature where the electronic circuits allow the accuracy of no greater than +/- 0.2 Celsius divided by per number of temperature sensors; that is the greater the number of temperature sensors means the accuracy will be less than +/- (0.2 Celsius /number of temperature sensor); where the ...

The fluid dynamical boundary layer is fluid volume partially carried along by a moving body, due to adhesion to the body – then between molecules in the layer. Dependencies on velocity, body shape, fluid density, viscosity and surface characteristics affect how fluid behaves within this layer and defines Flow Condition, approximately predicted by nondimensional Reynolds Numbers. These associate with Laminar, Transitional, Reattached and Separated flow conditions, which affect Drag Coefficient.

Factors contributing to boundary layer growth involve boundary layer shear, which induces flow-perpendicular pressure differential gradients and flow curvature via Bernoulli Effect, vortical flow patterns, eddies and pressure anomalies.

Most drag reduction is passive – streamlining, boundary layer shedding, vortex mitigation and inducing reattached flow.

Tollmien-Schlichting Waves are inherent in boundary layers, ...

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