Many developments of hybrid vehicles aim to reduce power of their electric propulsion chain, obviously for economic reasons, but not only. We can also get a better efficiency by reducing the energy transformations and a better safety by decreasing the electric voltage.

As described in a previous contest session,

Spinal cord injuries often affect leg mobility where recovery requires rather painful and awkward physiotherapy. A device that reduces the discomfort and promotes confidence during rehabilitation is most valuable considering the magnitude of such a trauma.

The cylinder diameter is typically a few times or more of the stroke. When the piston nears the end of the compression stroke, vertical ridges on the piston, in conjunction with almost mating vertical ridges in the cylinder head, effectively partition the combustion chamber into multiple combustion chambers.


Nowadays, all mobile devices are equipped with a touchscreen. However, most stationary display screens, such as computer monitors, television sets and projector screens are not touchable due to the high cost of touchscreens.

This universal stylus converts all display screens to pen-touchable screens,

Now, I will explain about a wheel using an Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect. The YouTube video will help you to understanding the invention.

This wheel generates torque by using the inverse magnetostrictive effect. First, I will explain about the inverse magnetostrictive effect. As the magnetostrictive material,

This design provides a sustainable transportation solution based on 4th-generation airship technology that can serve remote communities and resource developments year-round and reduce their freight costs.

Approximately 70% of Canada’s landmass lies north of the permanent road-network.

We made a device which can be attached to a bike. When the user meets with an accident the device sends a message of the coordinates of the location to the nearest ambulance, police station, and a family member.

If we lose our bike,

ACCORD-Stinger Semi-trailer saving fuel due to “GAP” Reduction @ 422 gals/foot
Projected savings 1688 Gals fuel per unit/year just by reducing tractor/trailer “GAP”
Design adds 20% more cargo space,

I have applied for patent in Canada; the Brushless_Motor_in_Activate_Relax_States (BMiARSs:2706688) at http://brevets-patents.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/patent/2706688/summary.html?type=number_search

It is comprised of two main systems.

The fluid dynamical boundary layer is fluid volume partially carried along by a moving body, due to adhesion to the body – then between molecules in the layer. Dependencies on velocity, body shape, fluid density,

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